Friday, December 3, 2010

Twins Zubaz: They're back?

As I was walking through the Fargo Mall last weekend a bright neon colored sign caught my eye.

I couldn't believe it.  Zubaz, the popular pant from the early 1990's, are making the rounds again.  These light weight pants were created by two Minnesota men, Dan Stock and Bob Traux.  These men were weight lifters and they wanted shorts that could be used in workouts.  Little did they know how much of a craze they would create.  The shorts would expand to the more popular pants, and even caps and shirts.

My run-in this week with Zubaz didn't end at the mall.  I was perusing  the Star Tribune website and I happened to click on the link for the Twins Fan Shop.  There they were again, Zubaz in Twins colors.  
Since Zubaz are a Minnesota based company they have had their place in Minnesota baseball lore.  The St. Paul Saints wore Zubaz pants during a game in 2008

Maybe next year will bring a new fad for Target Field. 
The Twins can paint the bases in zebra stripes like the Saints did for their Zubaz theme game.
Everyone can invest in a pair of these zebra striped pants and to enjoy the Twins in 2011.
A flashback to the 90's...
We will change the world, one pair of pants at a time.
Stay tuned next week for all the news and notes from the Winter Meetings.  I will discuss all of the rumors surrounding the Twins.  
  • Will JJ Hardy be traded?
  • Can the Twins sign Tsuyoshi Nishioka?
  • Will the Twins trade for a starting pitcher?
  • How can the Twins solidify their bullpen?

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