Monday, January 10, 2011

2012 HOF Candidates: Full of Former Twins

As Hall-of-Fame week was concluding last week, I was glancing through ESPN's Hall-of-Fame section of their website and the list of future candidates caught my eye.  The list of first time candidates for the 2012 HOF election includes seven players that have ties to the Twins organization for various amounts of time.  None of these players have a shot at the Hall of Fame but it is fun to peruse their time with the hometown team.

Scott Erickson-  pitched in parts of six seasons with the Minnesota Twins.  He was a key contributor to the 1991 World Series team as he won 20 games that season.  Two years later he would lead the league in losses with 19. He was an All-Star once and finished second in the Cy Young voting in 1991.

Numbers while with the Twins:
Seasons: 6
Record: 61-60
ERA: 4.22
CG (SHO): 14 (7)
K: 527
WHIP: 1.432
WAR: 11.9

Rick Helling- Going into the 2004 season Helling was in line to be the 5th starter for the Minnesota Twins.  In Spring Training a come-backer to the mound broke his leg and he would be released by the Twins later that year.  He never pitched for the club during the regular season.  I own a Rick Helling Twins jersey that some local shops made in anticipation of Helling being a part of the Twins rotation.  I still wear the jersey to games.  It is interesting to hear some of the comments that people make about it.

Matt Lawton- For a player drafted in the 13th round, Lawton had quite the major league career.  During his seven seasons as a member of the Twins he had some flashes of brilliance.  He was an All-Star twice (once with the Twins in 2000).  He brought the Twins through some rough years and was dealt before the team started their run of division championships.  His departure freed up some salary in the outfield and allowed players like Torii Hunter and Jacque Jones to emerge even more.

Numbers while with the Twins:
Seasons: 7
H: 739
HR: 72
RBI: 384
BA: .277
OPS: .808
WAR: 11.8

Terry Mulholland- Mullholland made a lot of stops in his major league career and his stop in the Twin Cities wasn't until the end of his run.  He was part of the 2004 and 2005 Twins.  At the age of 41 he made a playoff appearance for the Twins at the Metrodome.  The Twins lost the game but all of the damage had been done before he entered the game.  His one All-Star appearance was over a decade before the joined the Twins organization.

Numbers while with the Twins: 
Seasons: 2
Record: 5-11
ERA: 4.89
K: 78
WHIP: 1.503
WAR: 0.6

Phil Nevin- was added to the Twins after the trading deadline had passed in the 2006 season.  Nevin was in the twilight of his career and the production was no longer there.  He only played in 16 games for the Twins and was relegated to DH for a majority of those appearances.  The only time he played in a postseason game was with the Twins.  It was a disappointing day as he finished 0-3.

Numbers while with the Twins:
Seasons: 1
H: 8
HR: 1
RBI: 4
BA: .190
OPS: .625
WAR: -0.1

Brad Radke- Of all of the players on this list, Radke is the one that I would like to see get at least one vote in the balloting next season.  The numbers he put up don't merit induction into the Hall-of-Fame but what he did for the the Twins franchise was Hall-of-Fame worthy.  In 1997 the Twins were bad.  The one bright spot on an abysmal team was a young Radke.  The team only won 68 games and Radke managed his only 20 win season.  That is what Radke was to the Twins.  He went out and did what he had to do over 12 seasons.  The results weren't always the best but he did it with great heart.

Numbers while with the Twins:
Seasons: 12
Record: 148-139
ERA: 4.22
CG (SHO): 37 (10)
K: 1467
WHIP: 1.260
WAR: 41.4

Ruben Sierra- Sierra was signed before the beginning of the 2006 season to help the Twins make a push with some veteran players (Tony Batista being another example from '06).  This veteran philosophy for the Twins didn't work as planned and Sierra would be released shortly after the All-Star break.  During his time with the Twins he only managed 33 plate appearances in 14 games.  Needless to say the numbers aren't too compelling.

Numbers while with the Twins:
Seasons: 1
H: 5
HR: 0
RBI: 4
BA: .179
OPS: .487
WAR: -0.3

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Ben said...

That's some nostalgia right there! Growing up, I'll always remember watching Scot Erickson pitch for the Twins and Lawton was one of the main players on the team when I started religiously watching them again. I'll always have a spot in my heart for Radke, as I'm sure most, if not all Twins fans do. The man was definitely not a HOF player in the mlb, but he more than deserves the Twins HOF honor he was given.