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2011 Hall of Fame Week: My Ballot

All week I here at North Dakota Twins Fan I have been discussing some of the candidates for induction into the National Baseball Hall-of-Fame.  On Monday I looked at the borderline players that might be making the Hall somewhere down the road.  Yesterday I took a look at the "Steroid Era" sluggers and how they might fit into the Hall-of-Fame picture.

As a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance I was sent a ballot to submit the candidates that I thought were worthy of induction into Cooperstown.  Last week it was announced by the BBA that the group's recommendations for the Hall were Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven.

Below you will find the players that I voted for on my ballot.  I have broken the ballot down into the players that I predict will get in this year, the players that will get in sometime in the future, and players that might never get in.

This Year's Inductions (2011 HOF Class)

Roberto Alomar- 17 seasons, San Diego Padres, Toronto Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians, New York Mets, Chicago White Sox, and Arizona Diamondbacks
Accolades: 12-time All-Star, 10 Gold Gloves, 4 Silver Sluggers, 1 ALCS MVP, 1 All-Star Game MVP

BA: .300 (198th)
H: 2724 (84th)
HR: 210
R: 1508 (66th)
RBI: 1134 (177th)
OPS: .814
WAR: 63.5 (126th)

Bert Blyleven- 22 seasons, Minnesota Twins, Texas Rangers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Cleveland Indians, California Angels
Accolades: 2-time All-Star, 60 career shutouts (9th), 3701 Strikeouts (5th), 685 Games Started (11th)

Wins: 287 (27th)
ERA: 3.31
WHIP: 1.198 (129th)
K: 3701 (5th)
IP: 4970 (14th)
WAR: 87.6 (43rd)
WAR for Pitchers: 90.1 (13th)

Both Alomar and Blyleven should get in easy this year.  Alomar is one of the best second basemen of all-time.  It is only his second year of eligibility and there were some character issues that kept him from being elected his first time on the ballot.  Blyleven has had quite the journey to get to this point.  In 1999 he hit a low of 14.1% of the vote and last year he finished just a few votes shy at 74.2%.

Future Inductions

Jeff Bagwell- 15 seasons, Houston Astros
Accolades: 4-time All-Star, 1 MVP, 1 Gold Glove, 3 Silver Sluggers, and NL Rookie of the Year.

BA: .297
H: 2314 (134th)
HR: 449 (34th)
R: 1517 (62nd)
RBI: 1529 (45th)
OPS: .948 (21st)
WAR: 79.9 (57th)

Jack Morris- 18 Seasons, Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, Toronto Blue Jays, and Cleveland Indians
Accolades: 5-time All-Star, AL TSN Pitcher of the Year, World Series MVP

Wins: 254 (42nd)
ERA: 3.90
WHIP: 1.296
K: 2478 (31st)
IP: 3824 (50th)
WAR: 39.3
WAR for Pitchers: 39.3 (140th)

Edgar Martinez- 18 seasons, Seattle Mariners
Accolades: 7-time All-Star, 5 Silver Sluggers, Roberto Clemente Award

BA: .312 (96th)
H: 2,247 (157th)
HR: 309 (116th)
R: 1219 (159th)
RBI: 1261 (116th)
OPS: .933 (35th)
WAR: 67.2 (101st)

From what I saw of Jeff Bagwell and the statistics that he collected he will be elected to the Hall but not on the first ballot.  The hint of steroid use might keep some voters from casting a ballot in his favor.  Jack Morris has only a few more chances to make it to Cooperstown.  But he did collect 52.3% of the vote last season in his 11th year of eligibility.  No pitcher won more games in the 1980's than Morris and Twins fans will never forget Game 7 of the 1991 World Series.  Edgar Martinez is one of the first full-time DH's that has a reasonable shot at making the Hall-of-Fame.  Former Twin Paul Molitor would be current Hall-of-Famer that spent a significant amount of time in the DH role.

Might Never Get In (But still on my ballot)

Mark McGwire- 16 seasons, Oakland Athletics, and St. Louis Cardinals
Accolades: 12-time All-Star, 1 Gold Glove, 3 Silver Sluggers, AL Rookie of the Year, Broke the single season homerun record

BA: .263
H: 1626
HR: 583 (10th)
R: 1167 (195th)
RBI: 1414 (67th)
OPS: .982 (10th)
WAR: 63.1 (131st)

Rafael Palmeiro- 20 seasons, Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers, and Baltimore Orioles
Accolades: 4-time All-Star, 3 Gold Gloves, 2 Silver Sluggers, 1 Sporting News Player of the Year

BA: .288
H: 3020 (24th)
HR: 569 (12th)
R: 1663 (31st)
RBI: 1835 (15th)
OPS: .885 (86th)
WAR: 66.0 (109th)

Yesterday I chronicled the sluggers listed above and their connections to the Steroid Era in baseball.  In that article I talked about the connection between McGwire and Palmeiro.  I feel that the two players will be connected when it comes to Hall-of-Fame voters.  One of the major separations between the two is the failed drug test of Palmeiro in 2005.  My initial feelings were to vote just for McGwire but I couldn't logically do this and not vote for Palmerio.  Over the next decade there will be a slew of players that are tied to steroids but have Hall-of-Fame numbers.  There are going to be many more tough votes ahead for all of these players.

Hall-of-Fame Week is over half over here at North Dakota Twins Fan.  Below you will find a break-down of the entire week and the topics that I will cover during that time.

Monday- The Borderline Players
Tuesday- The Steroid Era Sluggers
(Today) Wednesday- My Ballot
Thursday- Reflection on the 2011 HOF Class
Friday- Killebrew and Me

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