Friday, January 14, 2011

Some Casual Friday Reading

It's been a busy week here at North Dakota Twins Fan.  Here is a recap of the stories I covered this week.

Monday- 2012 HOF Candidates: Full of Former Twins
Tuesday- How the 18-Game NFL Schedule will impact MLB
Wednesday- Is Pavano overvalued as a free agent?
Thursday- Morneau's Health Connected to Thome's Return

Other's around the Twins Blogosphere have been just as busy.  Check out many of the links below.

~Seth Stohs of has been counting down his top 50 prospects in the Twins organization.  Who is going to be number 1?  The announcement is coming today.

Tune in next week as I will release my top 20 prospects and compare them to some of the lists that other bloggers have released.

~If you are in the mood for some warm thoughts of spring, Jim Crikket of Knuckleballs has been looking at multiple parts of the Spring Training experience for the Twins.  Part 1 and Part 2 were fun to read through.

Last spring I posted some of my guide to traveling to Fort Myers.

~Twinkie Town posted a cool break down of the top 5 Twins Outfielder by Wins Above Replacement.

~PlayStation must have liked Joe Mauer as their spokesman last year because he is back for the cover of MLB: The Show.  You are going to be able to use the PlayStation Move and it's 3D compatible. Check out the new cover and story here.

I'm excited to see what clever advertisement the PlayStation guru's come up with for 2011.  Hopefully it connects back to last year's "Well Played, Mauer" campaign.

~Edward Thoma writes some good stuff over at Baseball Outsider.  Check out his posts from this week.

~Andrew Bryz-Gornia of Off the Mark analyzed the posting process for Japanese players in an interesting post.

~USA Today posted a scouting report on Tsuyoshi Nishioka.

~Bert Blyleven finally met the man that might be solely responsible for his HOF induction.   

~Dave DeLand of the St. Cloud Times discusses a bias against Minnesota athletes and their chances at making the major sports hall-of-fames.

~The new skipper of the Sioux City (South Dakota) Explorers, Stan Cliburn, has ties to the Twins organization.

Enjoy the links and have a great weekend.  I'll be back on Monday with the start of my Twins prospects countdown list.

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