Friday, January 14, 2011

Thome's 600th HR Guessing Game

Mt. Crushmore: Some other members of the 600 HR Club (
After an offseason that included one major signing (Tsuyoshi Nishikoa) the Twins ended their weeks of stagnation on Friday with the signing of Jim ThomeThe contract is for 1-year and $3 million with some incentives.

Earlier this week I posted about the connections between Thome's return and the health of Justin Morneau.  Hopefully this signing has little to do with bad thoughts about Morneau's concussion filled past.

I think I am most excited about the possibility of seeing Jim Thome hit his 600th homerun as a member of the Minnesota Twins.  Other future Hall-of-Famers have joined the Twins at the end of their careers and passed some magical milestones.  Dave Winfield saw his 3,000 hit come in the Metrodome in 1993.  In 1996, Paul Molitor collected his 3,000 hit in a late-season game in Kansas City.  Thome only needs 11 homeruns to become the 8th member of the 600-HR Club.

Let the predictions begin.

I hope I can be at the game that Thome cranks his 600th on to Target Plaza, but what game will that be?

What game do you think Thome will hit his 600th homerun?

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JimCrikket said...

July 23 on FOX vs the Tigers