Friday, February 11, 2011

Possible Trade Candidates on the Twins

The big news across the Twins universe in the last 24 hours has been the news that the organization is open to trading Francisco Liriano. Joe Christensen of the Star Tribune was the first person to leak the story and there have been many other reactions across the blogosphere. The Twins have many question marks as the season is about to begin. The talk of trading Liriano only adds to the speculation and anticipation of a new season.

The truth of the matter is the Twins have an excess of starting pitching at the moment. Out of all the pitchers that are in the mix, I would have guessed that Liriano would have been the most untouchable. He would be able to get the most in return from another club but the Twins are going to have to look at the value that they would be losing.   

Yesterday, I looked at the positive side of the next season and gave my top 5 reasons the Twins can contend in 2011. If some of those things don't break in the Twins favor, it could be a long summer across Twins Territory. What would happen if the Twins amassed a Cleveland Cavaliers type losing streak (fingers crossed that this would never happen)? Who are some of the candidates to trade away if the season starts to go south?

Francisco Liriano ~ Trade Value: High
The biggest piece that the Twins have to offer any other team. He is a left-handed pitcher that has shown he can be dominant at times. He is only 27 years old but the injuries have followed him throughout his career. The Twins have control of him through the next couple of seasons so there would be extra value for the team that acquired him. He showed last year that he has bounced back from his elbow surgery and the Twins might want to pounce on this opportunity to dish the "Franchise."

Delmon Young ~ Trade Value: High
He is the right handed power bat that can break-up some of the lefties in the Twins line-up. He is also one of the youngest players on the team at 25 years old. His offensive output last season showed some of the promise that the Tampa Bay saw in him when they selected him with the first pick in the 2003 Draft. His defense is the one negative that has been hounded on by many experts and fans. After the season that he put together last year his value might be the highest it has been since the Twins acquired him from the Rays.

Jason Kubel ~ Trade Value: Moderate
As a young prospect in the Twins organization, Kubel flew through the minor leagues by showing that he could hit at every level. A knee injury might have prevented him from becoming all that he could have been. The Twins have a lot of outfielders in their farm system that are getting close to being major league ready. Kubel is also a a left handed bat that the Twins could spare. It is interesting to note that Kubel's best season and and Young's best season are very similar. Kubel in 2009: .300 BA, 28 HR, 103 RBI, and .907 OPS. Young in 2010: .298 BA, 21 HR, 112 RBI, and .826 OPS.

Kevin Slowey ~ Trade Value: Moderate
Mr. Slowey has been able to rack up double digit wins in each of the last three seasons. He would be under team control for many seasons as he isn't eligible for free agency until 2014. The Twins have multiple starting pitchers and trading one of them is something that the club is considering. Slowey was off to a great start first half in the 2009 season but an injury ended that season. In that first half he had 10 wins so it would have been great to see what he could have done with a full season.

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Jack Steal said...

Great analysis. Liriano will not get traded but believe there is a good chance Slowey and Perkins might get dealt before season starts. I also think Jason Kubel might be traded at the deadline but sure hope not. We need to get rid of Cuddyer at end of season and keep Kubes he is awesome.