Monday, February 28, 2011

Top 10 Baseball Movies

On Friday I turned Twins story lines into Oscar plots. It was a fun post and readers seemed to enjoy it. So if you haven't seen it yet, go check it out.

In honor of last night's Oscar ceremony I decided to post a list of my favorite baseball movies of all-time. There is a wide selection of movies on my list and there are going to be some movies that aren't on everyone's list. I have a combination of movies from my youth and a collection of classics.

Let the countdown begin...

10.  The Babe- A great historical look at the most famous baseball player and the larger than life that he lived. There are great acting performance found throughout this film. John Goodman is outstanding as the iconic player at the center of this film.

9.  Fever Pitch- One of the reasons I enjoy this movie so much is because of the connections I have to the main character. We both work in the educational field so we have summers off to enjoy the baseball season. We both have made crazy trips to Spring Training to see the team in action. We both have many similarities.

8.  Angels in the Outfield- A boy prays for the Angels to win the pennant so his family can be back together. God steps in and sends some help from up above. From diving catches to wild pitches, this movie has them all. One of my favorite scenes is when the entire crowd stands and "flaps" their wings. It still gives me goose-bumps.

7.  61*- The record is still 61. This in-depth look at struggles that faced both Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle during the 1961 season was brilliantly crafted by Billy Crystal. The struggles that Maris faced as he got closer to the record are hard to believe. One of my favorite baseball pictures is the moment he hits number 61. You can see the wait lifted off his shoulders.

6.  Little Big League- How great would it be to own the Minnesota Twins? The story follows a young boy who's grandfather passes on ownership of the team to his grandson. The grandson loves baseball and even names himself manager. The team bonds together but will it be enough to win the pennant?

5.  Field of Dreams- I have been to this small baseball field on the edge of a cornfield in Iowa. Running the bases and playing catch in the outfield were like something right out of a movie. The rural farmer who built a baseball field because of a voice he heard. The journey continues from there as he searches for the answers to the voice in his head.

4.  Rookie of the Year- Every kid dreams of making it to the big leagues, but no one ever thinks it will happen to them at such a young age. A freak accident turns a young boy from a misfit to an ace pitcher in the blink of an eye. There are many things that a rookie needs to learn and winning is at the top of the list.

3.  Major League- The misfit baseball team that wasn't suppose to be able to find a way to win. The evil owner that wants the team to lose so she can move them to a warmer climate. This sets up a hilarious romp through the American League as the Indians push for the pennant.

2.  The Sandlot- The impeccable look into youth baseball at it's finest. Every baseball fan can remember a time in their youth that was spent playing stick ball in the backyard. This film showed us how baseball is connected to ourselves as we grow from children to adults.

1.  Bull Durham- I never full appreciated how great this movie is until my college years. The acting performances, the dialogue, and the plot paint a perfect picture of the life as a minor league baseball team. My friends and I find ourselves quoting many of the lines from this film. Much of the appreciation I have for the little intricacies of baseball can be tied back to this movie.

What movies would be on your list? Leave a comment below.


Jeanine said...

Great list!

I love "The Rookie" so would add that to my list. And as I get older can appreciate more and more the idea of trying to recapture a dream of your past...

jannat said...

good sharing.

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Hello The clouds in that cover are gorgeous. I can see why this picture would evoke a lot of emotion. Enjoyed the interview as well--sounds like a wonderful job.

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