Friday, February 25, 2011

Twins Stories Turned Into Oscar Movie Plots

I love the Oscars!

I have always been a huge movie fan and I have a wide taste when it comes to the art of cinema. I try to see as many of the Oscar nominated films as I can before the show so I can make an informed decision about each of the movies. I would say that the Oscar season is something that I am almost as passionate about as the Twins. To help celebrate this weekends Oscars, I challenged myself to combine these two loves.

Below you will find all of the films nominated for Best Picture in this weekends ceremony and a Twins plotline that connects to that film. It was a fun exercise and I hope you enjoy the following.

Lights, camera, action...

Black Swan
Plot summary: A star dancer gets the role of a lifetime in her companies performance of "Swan Lake." Her director knows she can play the innocent part of the white swan, but the girl struggles with finding her dark side as the black swan. This struggle between the two alter-egos is something that plagues the star through the entire movie. Her sanity is stretched to the limit as she becomes fully engulfed in her part.

Twins Plot: A star player joins the Twins from a foreign country and is given the role of a lifetime in the major leagues. The player has to overcome many barriers and struggles along the way to transition to life in a new country. His team also struggles with which part he should play, the shortstop or the second baseman. These roles could dictate how sane Twins fans are at the end of the season.

The Fighter
Plot summary:  Two brothers push a family to the brink as they try to make it in the world of boxing. The older brother has become a mentor to the younger fighter and this is a struggle that is hard for the older brother to accept. The older brother had his moment in the sun fighting a star boxer but drug addiction brought his career crashing to the ground. Internal family struggles between the brothers, their mom, and the younger brother's girlfriend follow the fighter all the way to his championship bout.

Twins Plot: A younger brother is following in the baseball footsteps of his older brother. The only problem is the younger brother has the chance to be a much bigger star than his older brother. The younger brother has been a highly touted prospect and is making his mark on the major league level. The season that he put together the previous year reflects some of the mistakes he saw his brother make during his career. The older brother never reached championship glory but the younger brother has many more seasons to see that dream come true.

Plot summary: A team of thieves breaks into the recesses of people's minds to extract secrets while their victim is asleep. The leader of the group will stop at nothing to get back the life he has lost. This means breaking some of his own rules and putting the entire team in danger for the sake the greater cause. Dreams are a powerful thing and controlling those dreams is even more powerful.

Twins Plot: An organization dreams up the perfect team and tries to mold that team to fit the dream that they have. The coach and general manager try to manipulate the system to fit the needs of the organization. A hometown star, some veteran players, and a young pitching staff all form the cornerstones of this dream state. The ultimate goal for the team is a championship, but is this only a dream or can it become reality?

The Kids Are All Right
Plot Summary: Two women are at the core of this modern family with two children. Both the son and daughter are from the same sperm donor and the children are interested in meeting their biological father. Meeting their father brings an entirely new element to this family as they deal with the daughter leaving for college, a boy struggling with his identity, and a growing relationship between the adults figures in the quirky family environment.

Twins Plot: A power-hitting veteran is torn between the chance to play closer to home or to move to another market that is further away. Traveling further away would mean a higher salary. But his family is an important part of his life and they will play a large role in deciding the path he will take. In the end the kids are the right choice for this player as he decides to stay closer to home and chase the 600 HR mark.

The King's Speech
Plot Summary: The leader of a country tries to overcome a speech impediment. His stammer has an impact on many parts of his life and it could effect people's view of the king. The king is paired with a speech pathologist to try and find a solution to his ailment. The king's nation finds itself in a turbulent time and they turn to the king for words of wisdom. Without the coaching of his speech pathologist, the course of history could have taken a different path.

Twins Plot: The hometown star has become a king to the fans of the local baseball market. He is a superstar player on a worldwide stage that is seeing himself become a leader. His new leadership role brings a much larger contract along with many endorsements. This soft spoken man must find his voice and lead his team to the promise land.

127 Hours
Plot Summary: A hiker finds himself in a terrible situation as he is trapped in a small crevice while he is mountain climbing. One arm is stuck under a boulder and he struggles to find someway to survive. There are flashbacks to the important moments in his life as he teeters on the brink of life and death. There are many challenges along the way as he tries to find a way to survive this horrible ordeal.

Twins Plot: The playoff dreams of a franchise seemed to be dashed in the same fashion every season. The hated rivals from the east trap the hometown team between a rock and a hard place. The hometown team seems to have the life sucked out of them in less than 127 hours. Finding a way to survive in this harsh environment is the task that faces a new generation of players.

The Social Network
Plot Summary: A multi-billion dollar social revolution was started in a college dorm room and along with it came a load of problems. There are many that claim to have a part in the creation of Facebook and this is where the problems arise. There are lawsuits filed and arguments between former best friends, but with a company that is worth this much money there will always be some issues. Facebook is a part of our everyday lives and it all had to start somewhere.

Twins Plot: Two outfielders use social networking tools to increase their already wide fan bases. Through Tweets and Facebook, these two players keep their fans up-to-date with all of the happenings of a major league player. This instant interaction with fans increases to grow along with the social network of the world.

Toy Story 3
Plot Summary: A coming of age story as the young toy owner finds himself preparing to move to college. The toys of his youth have been stored away for years and there is a good chance that they won't be coming to college. The adventure takes the toys to the local daycare center that seems like the perfect retirement home. The toys soon find out that their dream is actually a nightmare and they must escape. This leads them on a crazy ride to make it home before their owner leaves for college.

Twins Plot: A coming of age story as a young prospect finds himself thrust into the middle of a pennant race. His overwhelming success is something that fans hope reemerges in his second trip through the major leagues. But a sophomore slump is something that can haunt even the best of players. By avoiding this slump, the young player can bring a child-like happiness to fans everywhere.

True Grit
Plot Summary: A grizzled old gunslinger is asked to help a young girl hunt down the man that murdered her father. The girl asserts that she must come along on the trek through the wild west. The gunslinger and the girl are joined by a ranger on their hunt for the ruthless killer. Their journey is full of many perils as they try to put an end to this vicious crime.

Twins Plot: A grizzled old gunslinger is asked to help a developing pitching staff to hunt down a title. He is teamed with a star catcher and other talent as they journey through their league in search of victories that bring them closer to their goal. There are many perils along the way as the old veteran shows his true grit.

Winter's Bone
Plot Summary: A young girl is left in charge of a family as her father has left and her mother is severely depressed. The father didn't show up for his latest court date and he had put up the family home as the collateral to get out of jail. Now the teenage girl must hunt down her father to save her family. With the Ozark Mountains as the backdrop, there are many obstacles that are in the way of keeping this family alive.

Twins Plot: The cold of winter provided a variety of discomfort in the bone region of this left-handed tosser. The team is left wondering if this player can be a true ace for the staff. With the injury filled past of the pitcher, the organization isn't interested in betting the house on this player at this time. With Target Field as the backdrop, the player needs to find a way to show the organization that he has the mental make-up to be a cornerstone of the franchise.

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Andrew said...

Creative post - I enjoyed the Toy Story 3 reference. I guess Pavano would be Mr. Potato head, since we don't know whether he is coming back with the mustache or not.