Monday, March 21, 2011

Push by Morneau for helmet safety

Morneau wearing new s100 batting helmet
Justin Morneau has learned a lot about head injuries in the past year. These lessons have pushed him to make a switch in the helmet that he wears when he steps up to the plate for the Twins this season. Morneau will now be dawning the Rawlings s100 batting helmet to help protect himself. The s100 helmet is a helmet that is capable of taking a 100 mph pitch to the noggin. The helmets that most players currently wear is only capable of taking a 70 mph off the mound.

Morneau is now urging other major league players to consider making the switch to the s100 helmet. After everything that has happened to Morneau in the last year, he seems like the perfect candidate to be the spokesman for Rawlings. He was well on his way to an MVP season when all of those dreams came crashing to ground with one slide into second base. That should catch the attention of some major league players.

Other players, like David Wright, have tried to wear the s100 in the past but have made the switch back for various reasons. One of the reasons was the bulky nature of the original helmet (see Wright photo below). Another reason to turn away from the s100 was ridicule from teammates. Morneau has been getting some grief from his teammates but he still believes that the s100 is the right path to take for himself and for other players.
Older, bulkier version of the s100 helmet
The helmet has been redesigned since 2009 when Wright wore it for the Mets. The new streamlined version of the helmet has been worn by Morneau all spring and he is comfortable be the model for other major league players to make the switch. The minor leagues have already made the transition to the new helmet and this could lead to more s100's popping up at the major league level.

Change is coming to baseball as technology continues to improve. Morneau's life was changed last year because of the injury he incurred on the baseball field. Another concussion could bring an end to Morneau's career. If the Twins can have Morneau on the field at the end of the season, by investing in a new helmet. That seems like a good investment for Twins fans and the organization.

Neshek's Departure
There is lots of good coverage out there about Pat Neshek leaving the Twins so feel free to check out some of the links I have provided. I am sad to see Neshek leave but it seems like it was in his best interest and the team's best interest to part ways at this time. Good luck to Pat and thanks for the memories! I will still wear my Neshek jersey with pride for years to come.

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