Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Twins Injury Report: Almost Back to Normal

The Twins have slowly, but surely, been working their health back to 100%. Some of the biggest stories for the Twins this Spring Training have revolved around injuries to many of the team's star players. Here is a look at the star players that have been bitten by the injury bug and where they are on their path to recovery.

Michael Cuddyer
Injury: Wart Removal 
Path to Recovery: The original prognosis was for Cuddyer to miss 7-14 days after his wart was removed. Cuddyer is reaching the end of that 14 day window so Twins fans can expect to see more of him in the next week. He took batting practice before the team's game on Monday and has done this before the last couple games. With the Twins having an off day on Tuesday, Cuddyer should be able to let his foot get some more rest and relaxation.

Joe Mauer
Injury: Knee Surgery
Path to Recovery: Over the last week, Mauer has been inching himself closer to appearing in a game. Reports from Monday say that Mauer could be in the line-up as a DH as early as Wednesday. In the last couple of days Mauer has been able to catch his first bullpen sessions of the spring. Mauer has felt great after each of these sessions and is getting closer to being ready for some in-game action.

Justin Morneau
Injury: Concussion 
Path to Recovery: Morneau has taken some giant leaps toward recovery as he attempts to come-back from the concussion that cost him half of last season. He has played in multiple games over the last week and there haven't been any set-backs. Gardenhire said that Morneau "is not having any signs at all" and that he wants to keep pushing himself. Great to hear and it will be even better when fans don't even have to think about Morneau and his concussion.

Joe Nathan
Injury: Tommy John Surgery
Path to Recovery: Nathan seemed to be having a spotless Spring Training until this past Sunday's game. Nathan gave up six earned runs on five hits and a walk in just 1/3rd of an inning. There were some bad defensive plays behind Nathan that led to extra outs for the opponent. Up to that point,  Nathan had pitched four scoreless innings since returning from Tommy John surgery. Nathan's velocity has continued to improve with his fastball being anywhere from 88-92 mph.

Delmon Young
Injury: Turf Toe
Path to Recovery: Young missed the first two weeks of Spring Training but has been part of the Twins line-up the last couple of days. Fans got to see Delmon make a sprawling catch in left field during the Twins first televised game on Monday. Since his return, Young has appeared in four games with a .364 BA in a limited number of at-bats.

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