Thursday, March 3, 2011

Video: Opening the 2011 Twins Season Tickets

Today was one of the most exciting days for any Minnesota Twins Season Ticket Holder, the arrival of the season ticket package. Below you will find a quick video of me opening my tickets. As the package says, "There are Twinspirational Moments Enclosed." (It's a QuickTime video, so if you don't have the newest version of that software it might not work on your computer.)



Andrew said...

Jealous!! Enjoy.

Maija said...

Wow! Didn't know you had season tickets--must be quite the effort living in North Dakota!

My Mom usually sends me an excited e-mail when she gets her's, but she usually gets her's later (due to payment and cash flow issues... yea).

Soooo excited for April 8th! It can't come soon enough!