Monday, April 11, 2011

Live from Target Field: Mike & Mike

Target Field was ready
A Friday morning alarm clock can sure sound annoying when it goes off at 3:30 AM but that is what it takes to get to Target Field in time for the start of Mike and Mike in the Morning. A friend and I made the trip from my apartment and got to see a behind the scenes look at the nationally televised radio show.

The show was scheduled to start at 5:00 AM so that meant being at Target Field by 4:30 AM. Needless to say there wasn't much traffic to worry about at this early hour. We entered the Legend's Club from the walk-way that connects Ramp A to Target Field.

After waiting a little to get to let into the building we were allowed to follow the Legend Club to the Rod Carew Atrium. When we got there we got a free t-shirt and the chance to sign-up for prizes to be given away during the show. After claiming our seats, the next step was to find some coffee to keep the juices flowing for the entire show.

Mike and Mike were busy prepping for the show and that was one of the coolest things to see. Golic was already eating something and they talked about a few of the main stories that would be covered during the broadcast. The First Round of the Masters and the Red Sox losing streak were the two biggest topics from the perspective of ESPN.

The food went well beyond the expectations of those in attendance. There was a warm buffet filled with a variety of different things to chose from. There were seasoned breakfast potatoes, cheesy scrambled eggs with asparagus tips, maplewood smoked bacon and sausage, fresh fruit, banana bread, pecan coffee cake, muffins, and plenty of other pastry selections. Attendees could eat as much as they liked and no one left the room searching for more food.

For Twins fans the most exciting parts of the show had to be the interviews with Hall-of-Famer's Rod Carew and Bert Blyleven. Both Greeny and Golic sported custom Twins jersey's before they started interviewing Carew. At the beginning of the interview Carew presented each of the hosts with a Twins jacket. Carew gave a great interview and even explained how he developed his unique batting style. Listen to the interview by clicking here.

Bert Blyleven also joined the show to discuss with the hosts his election to the Baseball Hall of Fame. The best line of the entire interview had to have been when they asked Bert what he thought about the writers and how long it took to get elected. He said, "To hell with the writers." That got a roar from the crowd and the hosts seemed to enjoy it too. Listen to the interview by clicking here.

Overall it was great to get to experience a show like that from and up close and personal perspective. It was fun to get to know some other Twins fans that were crazy enough to get up in the middle of the night to come and watch a radio program. I would have liked more Twins talk but there is some east-coast bias when it comes to the television network that dominates the sporting world.

Below you will find some other pictures from the event. Enjoy!
A behind-the-scenes look
The crowd for the show. I'm in the lower right corner.
Carew being interviewed
Blyleven being interviewed

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