Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sell Out Streak Ends

Minnie & Paul sad for the end of the sellout streak
As a season ticket holder, I was sad to hear the game between the Twins and Royals failed to sellout Target Field. It was a beautiful evening in the Twin Cities and there could be nothing better than watching baseball in friendly confines of Target Field.

The Twins had sold out 81 consecutive games or the equivalent of one entire season of home games. According to the attendance at Tuesday night's game was 38,154 or a couple hundred short of the sellout mark. The announced attendance according to FSN North was in the 37,000 range.

At this point last season, tickets to Target Field were a hot commodity as fans clamored to explore their newly built ballpark. There were so many new things to do and to see that fans were paying multiple times the face value of tickets to get through the gates.

Some of that luster has worn off in the second year at Target Field. The team hasn't been playing very well in the early going of the season. The Royals being in town doesn't help the Twins in the ticket sales department. Not too many people are in a rush to see the Royals on the field. In a few seasons that could change with the amount of talent that the Royals have in their farm system.

In the games I have been to this season there has still been that new stadium excitement from the fans at the game. There is still so much to explore at Target Field and that should push more fans through the gates. The Twins continue to add new food options and the ones that I have tasted so far have been fantastic.

A person could point a finger at the current state of the economy as a reason to stay home and watch the game. There are a lot of people that are still struggling to make ends meet as the United States economy is on the rebound. Spending $20 a person on tickets to a baseball game could still be out of people's budget.

The Twins play a noon game today and that could be another challenge for ticket sales. The weather looks like it could be spotty and that could deter some fans from making the trip. Schools are still in session so that means that many children have other commitments at this time of the year.

If the Twins don't get a sellout the final game of the Royals series, my fingers are crossed that the next home series will lead to greener pastures.


Guitarman said...

I was at the game last Thursday. It was fun experience, but honestly, the baseball team played poorly, making it a downer for me. The Twins have the weakest middle infield in the league. They can't hit home runs. their relief pitching is iffy at best. I can't see this team winning 70 games this year.

NoDak Twins Fan said...

Maybe all of these bullpen changes will help to bolster the club. They will win more than 70 games. They are a second half team and there is too much talent on the club to only win 70 games.