Thursday, June 23, 2011

Are the Twins turning into buyers?

Capps joined the Twins playoff push last season.
A few weeks ago it looked like the Twins would be looking to deal some of their expiring contracts to try and add depth to their farm system. The Twins seemed to be headed for a last place finish in the AL Central after a decade of placing near the top. Players like Michael Cuddyer, Jason Kubel, Delmon Young, and others had been rumored to be exiting the organization.

The last two weeks of hot play have pulled the Twins from the realm of sellers to the possibility of being buyers. There is still over a month until the trading deadline and the Twins will have to continue to play at the highest level to be in contention at that time. The first goal is to get to .500 and from there the team will attempt to catch the teams in front of them in the division.

If the Twins do battle their way back into contention during the next month, the area the team will look to improve will be the bullpen. This is the same area the Twins tried to improve at last year's trade deadline. Matt Capps and Brian Fuentes were added to the Twins roster for the playoff push. Reports have surfaced that the Twins have already had meetings to address the looming trade deadline and how the Twins will deal with their payroll that is already stretched to the limit.

The Twins still have a ways to go to prove to the front office that they will be able to make a push for the playoffs. Luckily, the team has plenty of games between now and July 31st to show the brass in the front office that they can still be contenders in 2011.

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