Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's happening again for the Twins

It's happening for the Twins in the month of June.
A social media trend has hit the ground running in the last few weeks. The phrase "It's Happening" has become a trending topic on various social media platforms throughout Twins Territory. Fans can use the phrase in multiple ways to describe the recent hot streak that the Twins have been on.

The Twins were not making it happen for the first two months of the season. Injuries, poor pitching, and slumping hitters contributed to the Twins having the worst record in baseball. But as the calendar turned to June, the Twins season seems to be moving in a new direction. The hitters have found their strokes, the pitchers have started going deeper into games, and the wins have started to pile up. It is beginning to happen on the field for the 2011 version of the Twins

Over the last decade of multiple division championships, the Twins have shown the ability to make it happen. There have been numerous years the Twins seemed down for the count before a miraculous comeback turned the tide in their favor.

2003 Twins: An eight game losing streak in the middle of the July put the Twins five game under .500 with only two months to go in the season. The Twins sat 7 1/2 games behind the Kansas City Royals. That lead would not hold after the Twins put together a tremendous stretch of baseball. The Twins would catch and pass their competitors and win the division by four games. It happened for the 2003 Twins.

2006 Twins: The Tigers jumped out to a large lead in the AL Central that seemed insurmountable. The Twins were 12 1/2 games back of the Tigers at the end of May. Near perfect baseball from the Twins down the stretch set-up a memorable day at the Metrodome. Thousands of fans waited after a victory by the Twins to see if the Royals could upset the Tigers on the final day of the season. The Royals won in extra innings and it was happening for the 2006 Twins.

2009 Twins: The Twins should not have made the playoffs. The Tigers were up three games in the division with four games to play. The Twins won all four of those contests and the the Tigers could not get the job done. Game 163 would be played to a packed house and the Metrodome magic would get one last use to push the Twins to the playoffs. It was happening for the 2009 Twins.

Recent history has shown that the Twins can make it happen no matter what the circumstances are surrounding the season. The hole the Twins have dug for themselves seemed impossible a few weeks ago. The recent stretch of baseball has allowed hope to resurface across Twins Territory. The hope that it's happening again for the Twins.

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