Monday, June 20, 2011

Levi Michael CWS Update

Levi Michael, the first round draft pick of the Twins, did not have the opening game to the College World Series that he had hoped for when his team arrived in Omaha. The North Carolina Tar Heels were defeated by a score of 7-3 and Michael was held hitless in four trips to the plate.

The Tar Heels had plenty of opportunities to score runs with 16 runners left on base. Michael was guilty of leaving runners in scoring position at multiple times in this contest.
1st AB: His first AB of the day came with a runner on third and no body out. This ended with a ground out back to the pitcher.
2nd AB:His next AB came with a runner in scoring position but there were two outs. Again Michael failed to pick up a clutch hit as he grounded out to first.
3rd AB: Michael's third AB was similar to the others in the fact that he came up with runners on base. The bases were loaded with only one out. Michael filed out to left but it was not deep enough to score the runner from third.
4th AB: The result of Michael's fourth AB was a walk. After a balk and a ground out to second, Michael would make it all the way to third. He would be left stranded at third in the inning.
5th AB: Michael's fifth AB of the day was eerily similar to the others mentioned above. In the eighth inning, Michael had the opportunity to bat with a runner in scoring position and nobody out. Michael would watch a third strike pass by to end the game with a backwards K.

Michael was more patient in his last two ABs by looking for balls and trying to work the count. His earlier ABs in the game featured him falling behind in the count. This forced him to have to protect the plate and put some bad swings on the ball.

The Tar Heels had a practice day on Sunday and will return to action this afternoon at 1 PM Central. The opponent will be the No. 7 seed Texas Longhorns. The Tar Heels are hoping for better results on Monday. Levi Michael is also hoping for better results and to capitalize on some of his opportunities with runners in scoring position.

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