Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mauer's move from catcher

Is Mauer making the move from catcher?
The Twins were beaten up very soundly in the three-game series with the National League rival, the Milwaukee Brewers. The first game of the series provided some excitement for the Twins but the other two outings were tough to stomach for Twins fans that made the trip to the Milwaukee area.

There were many stories that came out of the series in Milwaukee but the one garnering the most national attention is the fact that Joe Mauer could find himself placed in a different defensive position than catcher for the first time in his career.

There are a few reasons the Twins are looking at making the switch. The first is the continuing heath concerns with Justin Morneau, the primary first baseman for the Twins. Morneau has been battling a rash of injuries including wrist and neck injuries that will hold him out of the line-up until the middle of August. The other reason for Mauer to make a switch is to keep his bat in the line-up on a more consistent basis. If Mauer can keep himself healthier by playing first base, the Twins are willing to make that adjustment to the line-up.

On "The Gardenhire Show" this past Sunday, Ron Gardenhire said that Mauer will begin practicing at first base this week when the Twins return home. They need Mauer in the line-up for five or six games a week and that might not be able to happen at the catcher position. The team and Mauer insist that he is still a catcher. That is what he signed his giant contract with the club to do; to be the catcher of the Minnesota Twins. This latest injury to Morneau has pushed the Twins to the limit and now it is time to tinker with some of the positions on the field.

The continued health of both Mauer and Morneau will be something that concerns all fans of the Twins organization. The Twins need both players in the line-up on a consistent basis to field their best possible team. The manager has been forced to create line-ups that do not include either of these former MVP's and that means it is time for Mauer to find a new spot on the field to hone his defensive skills.

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