Thursday, June 9, 2011

MLB Draft: Recap of a busy week

The MLB Draft was great to follow this year. There was no consensus number one pick as there had been the last two seasons with Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper. The Pirates decided to go with Gerrit Cole as the number one pick and the draft was off and running.

NoDak Twins Fan has been busy with coverage of the draft all week. If you missed any of the stories, they are linked below with a short description.

Origins of Current Twins: A look at each member of the Twins in 2011 and where they were drafted. Is most of the team first round picks? Are the players home-grown in the Twins organization? Who was the lowest drafted player on the team?

Twins Last Decade of 1st Rounders: A decade ago the Twins drafted a franchise player in the form of Joe Mauer. Since that time the Twins have tried to find pieces to put around Mauer to help him compete for a championship. Who are these first round draft picks and how have they fared in 2011?

Video of Possible Twins Picks: There are always trends that a team seems to follow in the MLB Draft. The Twins have loved college pitchers over the last few seasons. They also keep a close eye on players they drafted out of high school that went to college. The three players I anticipated the Twins going after were all off the board by the time the Twins made a pick.

2011 Twins First Round: The Twins had a checklist of draft needs when it came to the 2011 MLB Draft. The organization was able to check off a few of those items with their picks in the first round. They added a seasoned college middle infielder, a power-hitting high school prospect, and a hard throwing right-handed pitcher. Get to know a little about each player in this post.

740 The Fan interviews Levi Michael: The first round pick of the Twins was Levi Michael, a shortstop from the University of North Carolina. In this post there is a link to a clip that will give fans a little insight into the man the Twins have invested a lot of faith in for the future. In the interview he answers questions about his baseball ability, the current state of the Tar Heels, and his small town background.

Twins themes from day two: The second day of the draft is a much faster process than the first round. Teams have little time between picks and players fly off the board at a quick pace. The headlines from day two of the MLB Draft include: Adding Pitching Depth, Local Player Connections, and Pudge Jr. Joins the Twins.

The Complete List of New Twins: From pick 30 to pick 1527, the Twins added a ton of talent to their system as part of the MLB Draft. Find out what players were drafted, what school they attended, and look for trends in positions. A handful of these players will make an impact on future Twins teams, so let's get to know 'em.

Three NoDak Natives Selected: There were three players with ties to North Dakota that were taken in the MLB Draft. The highest pick was Cole Frenzel a sophomore from the University of Arizona. He was drafted by the New York Mets in the seventh round. The other two players were much later in the draft so it will be exciting to see their futures if they sign.

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