Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MLB Draft: Twins themes from day two

Boer was the first of many pitchers taken by the Twins (Photo: Daily Emerald)
The first night of the MLB Draft saw the Minnesota Twins cross off a few of the items that were on the top of their list. They added a solid middle infielder, a power bat, and a pitcher with some up-side. There were still many other areas to be filled on day two of the draft. Here are some of the themes that emerged over the course of round two through round 30.

Pitching Depth
There was one main theme from the second day of the draft for the Minnesota Twins, adding pitchers. The Twins had 29 picks to make from rounds 2-30 and out of those picks, the Twins selected 21 pitchers. A majority of the pitchers, 12 out of 21, were also left-handed. The other commonalities among these pitchers were a majority of them had pitched at the college level and that they were big bodied pitchers. 15 of the pitchers chosen by the Twins had either played at the college or junior college level. Only one pitcher the Twins picked was under 6 feet tall. Two of their selections measure in at 6'8" tall, Jason Wheeler (8th Round) and Adam McCreery (14th Round).

Local Player Connections
In recent years, the Twins have continued to add talent that have ties to the state of Minnesota. That theme was clear during their picks on Tuesday. It started with their first pick of day two, Madison Boer. He attended college at the University of Oregon but he is a native of Eden Prairie, MN. Jason Wheeler, the Twins 8th round pick, also has ties to Twins Territory. Wheeler played last summer for the St. Cloud River Bats of the Northwoods League and was named that league's pitcher of the year for 2010.

Austin Malinowski was picked by the Twins in the 16th round and he already has a reputation in the Twin Cities. He is finishing his senior year at Centennial HS in the Minneapolis area but has made a commitment to Arizona. The final player with a local connection on day two was shortstop Adam Petterson from the University of Minnesota. Petterson is a native of Minnetoka, Minnesota and the Twins used their 25th round pick to select him.

Players with local connections:
Round 2, Madison Boer, RHP, University of Oregon
Round 8, Jason Wheeler, LHP, Loyola Marymount
Round 16, Austin Malinowski, LHP, Centennial HS (Minnesota)
Round 25, Adam Pettersen, SS, University of Minnesota

Pudge Jr. Joins the Twins
If you were following the draft on Tuesday, an interesting name scrolled across the screen for the Twins at pick number 208, Ivan Rodriguez. This Ivan Rodriguez is not to be confused with his father, one of the best catchers of his generation. The younger Ivan Rodriguez actually goes by the name Dereck. He also does not play catcher like his father. Dereck Rodriguez is an outfielder that has a laser for an arm. If the outfield position does not work out for Dereck, the Twins could look at moving him to the mound as a pitcher. He can hit 95 mph with his fastball.

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