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CONTEST/GIVEAWAY: 1991 World Series DVD Sets

The folks at A&E Home Entertainment are making the rounds in the Twins Blogosphere by offering fans the chance to win some great DVD sets that commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the 1991 World Series, "The Greatest World Series of All Time."

Here at NoDak Twins Fan we are having a very simple contest surrounding the release of the DVD sets on August 2nd. The two items that the winner will receive are great prizes that capture the heart and soul of the magical series that inthralled the entire Upper Midwest. The two prizes are shown here and you can find a more detailed description of each item at the bottom of this post (valued at $89.90):

Here is what you have to do to get yourself qualified for the contest:

2. Retweet any of my tweets that mention this contest to all of your followers

3. Leave a comment or story on this post about your favorite memory from the 1991 World Series

4. Sit back and hope your name is the one that is randomly drawn to win the DVD sets on Friday (the first home game that in the 1991 World Series Celebration weekend at Target Field)

It is as simple as that...

I have a copy of the 1987 World Series set produced by this company and it is a great item to have on hand. My twelve year old cousin knew very little about the Twins first World Series and with that set I was able to teach him about that magical 1987 Fall Classic. I can't wait to share the 1991 set with my cousin and eventually with my own children. 

Below you will find the official press release about both of the prizes that will be given to the winner. 

Enjoy the contest! And make sure to check out for all of your Twins ticket and merchandise needs.

"The whole series was like a storybook"
--Twins Manager Tom Kelly, after Game 7





In 1991, the Minnesota Twins beat the Atlanta Braves in seven grueling -- and unforgettable -- games to capture their second World Series championship since moving to The North Star State in 1961. Now, catch every historic moment of this championship series with THE MINNESOTA TWINS 1991 WORLD SERIES COLLECTOR'S EDITION, a handsomely packaged 7-disc set. Packed with bonus footage and all seven games in their entirety, this is sure to be a must get for not only Twins fans, but baseball fans everywhere as the Twins get set to commemorate the 20th anniversary of this milestone series.

Was it really the greatest Fall Classic ever? Five games were decided by one run. Four of the games were won on the very last plate appearance. Three games went to extra innings. Two managers played a seven-game chess match. One run was scored in the Game 7, 10-inning masterpiece. Add in Kirby Puckett's Game 6 for the ages, a power-hitting third base tandem, Kent Hrbek providing a lift at first, a rookie rising above the tension, veteran power, clutch pitching led by the wizened Jack Morris, plus a relentless and dynamic Atlanta Braves team --and yes, it was the Greatest World Series ever played.

This beautifully-packaged seven-DVD collection contains every pitch, hit, sterling defensive play, and ear-popping Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome memory along with each glorious Minnesota Twins 1991 World Series championship moment. The collection displays the heroics of Dan Gladden, Gene Larkin, Chuck Knoblauch, Chili Davis and Brian Harper, plus the steadying leadership of Manager Tom Kelly. A special DVD audio feature allows fans to watch the World Series television broadcast and listen to the Twins Radio Network announcers! Yes, it was the greatest World Series and the proof is in the seven games digitally preserved in this DVD trophy. 

In more than 100 years of World Series play there have been many that could be considered memorable and a handful that might be classified as unforgettable. But only one can be called the best ever -- and for many the 1991 World Series between the Atlanta Brave and Minnesota Twins was just that.

MAGIC IN MINNESOTA: REMEMBERING THE 1991 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP revels in the mesmerizing masterpiece of Jack Morris' 1-0, 10-inning Game 7 and Kirby Puckett's unbelievable heroics in Game 6. This commemorative DVD, timed to the Twins' 20th Anniversary celebration, salutes the contributions of superstars, support players, and the deafening, intimidating Minnesota Twins fans who electrified the Metrodome like never before and includes extensive game highlights and interviews with two-time World Champions manager Tom Kelly, Kent Hrbek, Gene Larkin, Dan Gladden, and John Gordon. As an exclusive bonus, the DVD also includes footage such as the final outs from from four Twins 1991 ALCS victories plus celebration footage after winning the 1991 American League Pennant; a vintage 1991 Minnesota Twins commercial; the footage of the '91 Twins meeting the President at the White House and Kirby Puckett's Hall of Fame induction speech.

MAGIC IN MINNESOTA is more than just another film about just another championship team. It's about the Twins -- your Twins -- and perhaps the greatest World Series of all time.
**Prizes courtesy of A&E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions. To claim prizes, the winner will need to provide his/her mailing address to representatives of AEHE/MLBP and prizes can only be shipped to addresses in the Continental US. NoDak Twins Fan is not responsible for delivery of prizes.


Giles Ferrell said...

Best moment by far is Kirby Puckett's home run in game 6. You may never see a better moment in the history of the Minnesota Twins.

lecroy24fan said...

Morris would have killed TK right there in the dugout if he'd have pulled him after the ninth.

Michael Otis said...

Puckett's HR in Game 6 is one of my favorite Twins moments, only game 163 against the Tigers trumps that because I was actually at that game.

Andrew said...

Aside from Puckett's home run, I'm going to go with the Hrbek/Gant pickoff play. I wish I could be at the game coming up this weekend to get the bobblehead!

NoDak Twins Fan said...

Keep the good stories coming! It's great to relive some of the great moments that will be featured in the DVD set.

Ben S said...

Not just Pucks homerun is my favorite moment, but that with Bucks call "and we'll see you tomorrow night", gives me goosebumps every time. Hrbek's 'pickoff' of Gant was great to. Best series ever, sad that it doesn't get as much recognition as it should.

steinjess said...

Puck's game 6 home run...Hrbek & Gant...just remember how awesome it was seeing the team rush the field after game 7.

Brandon Anderson said...

So many different memories it's hard to pick one. From Kirby to Morris and everything in between. I'd have to say my favorite is, "And we'll see you tomorrow night". With Black Jack's gem a very close 2nd.

hattawaysmoustache said...

I was born in 1990, leaving me completely unconscious of the 1991 World Series. Luckily, I have a wonderful father who not only attended all the home games, but taped them as well. Those tapes, along with the highlight video were staples of my childhood. I can talk along with the commentary on all of them and my sister and I frequently quote the highlight film.

To this day I can't hold back the tears when I hear Jack buck yell, "The Twins are gonna win the World Series. The Twins have won it. It's a base hit. It's a one-nothing ten-inning victory!" That, anything Puckett from game 6, Hrbek/Gant, Hrbek's reaction to the chorus of boos in Atlanta.

soopafreak said...

with out question Game 7 was the greatest game 7 of all time. The game 6 home run by Puckett is what most remember but for me his catch against the wall to rob Ron Gant of extra bases and save a run to keep Erickson out of harms way. I was on the phone with my cousin and we both said oh no when the ball was hit and both yelled when he caught the ball. we all remember the catch but the home run and game 7 might never have happened without the catch.

Rachel said...

My favorite memory was when my mom came in to wake me up the morning after Game 7. I had fallen asleep before the game was over and I asked "Did we win, Mom?" and she said "Yeah, we won."

Paul F said...

I was 6, but remember freezing at the parade and rally after they won. I can't wait to celebrate like that again some day in Target Field!

Maija said...

I was 6 years old in 1991, and my favorite player was Kirby Puckett (surprise). I wasn't allowed to stay up and watch all of Game 6. I remember going up to my Dad's dressing room the next morning to find out what happened. My Dad told me all about what Kirby did and told me he'd buy me a hat if the Twins won the World Series. My parents let me stay up and watch Game 7 and the Twins won! I got my hat, but I was really more excited that the Twins won.

Jeanine said...

Game 7. 'Nuf said.

skaps said...

I was at Game 6 as a little boy. Was eating ice cream out of a mini-Twins helmet when Kirby made "the catch". I'll never forget the sound that place made.

A Little Bit Urban said...

When gladden ran in from 3rd in game 7 my brothers and I went crazy waving our homer hankeys.

NoDak Twins Fan said...

It was great to hear everyone's memories. Great moments in everyone's life. The suspense is over. I had the drawing this morning and the winner is...

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