Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cuddyer provides a fun moment in a miserable game

Last night's Twins game was a tough one to watch for any fan of the Minnesota hometown nine. None of the pitchers seemed to be able to record an out and the defense of the Twins was doing no favors for those pitchers with three errors. Overall, it was the worse loss on record during my lifetime and an opportunity for many of the Twins flaws this season to stand out.

The loyal fans that stuck around until the end of the debacle last night were rewarded by getting to see something that has not happened very often in the history of the Twins organization. In a move of desperation, Michael Cuddyer was asked to pitch the final defensive inning for the Twins. He became the fifth position player to pitch for the Twins in the club's 51 year history.

Cuddyer had this to say after the first pitching appearance of his career:
Obviously I hated the circumstances, but (I) would be lying if I said that I didn't have fun on the mound tonight!
While on the mound, Cuddyer attempted to throw a variety of pitches. He told Twins beat writer Rhett Bollinger that "he threw some sinkers, one cutter, one curveball, and three changeups." Not a bad assortment for a player that looked much more comfortable on the mound than some of the other members of the Twins pitching staff. He did have a lot of movement on some of his pitches and his fastball topped out at 88 mph.

Even after a loss like last night, it is important to remember that baseball is just a game. The Twins were getting destroyed by the Rangers but Cuddyer was able to offer a little fun at the end of the contest. The relief pitchers seemed to be having a good time watching him warm-up. Joe Nathan could be seen giving Cuddyer a few pointers before leaving the bullpen. Even manager Ron Gardenhire had a smile on his face when Cuddyer came off the mound without allowing a run.

Today's a new day for the Twins and let's hope no other position players are asked to toe the rubber in Texas tonight.

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