Thursday, July 21, 2011

Giants have expressed interest in Cuddyer

Andrew Baggarly, a beat writer for the San Francisco Giants, is reporting that the Giants have inquired about a trade involving Michael Cuddyer. This is an interesting note since earlier in the week the Twins announced that Cuddyer would not be traded and that the team was interested in resigning him in the offseason.

It sounds as if the Giants are interested in Cuddyer for his right-handed bat and his ability to play second base. In his 1,092 games played at the big league level, Cuddyer has only played 75 as a second baseman. The Giants would most likely only be looking to rent Cuddyer for the last few months of the season since his contract expires at the end of the year. There is a good chance that Cuddyer would be a viable option at second base for that short amount of time.

Since the Twins have made it known that they have no plans to trade Cuddyer, any team interested in their All-Star is going to have to make an offer that "wows" the organization. The steep asking price for Cuddyer could go down as the trade deadline approaches. By that point, the Twins should be close to having Denard Spand and Jason Kubel back in the line-up. With Ben Revere and Delmon Young also in the mix, one of these outfielders could be on their way out of the Twins Cities in the next ten days.

An interesting situation to imagine is one where the Twins trade Cuddyer before the deadline and then resign him after he becomes a free agent in the offseason. The Twins might have to suffer through the short-term without Cuddyer but the players the team acquires could help the organization in the long-term.

It is hard to imagine a situation where Cuddyer would not be part of the Twins line-up down the stretch. He has been in the middle of so many of the team's successes in recent memory. His leadership skills have been well documented after his recent selection to the All-Star Game. Those leadership skills could be the biggest thing the Twins struggle to replace if Cuddyer is dealt in the next week and a half.

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