Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heat allows for different views of Target Field

The weather was scorching in the Twin Cities on Monday with the heat index reaching well over 100 degrees. This was not the best weather for playing a double header at Target Field but the Twins and Indians still accommodated the fans that were braving the elements.

Sitting in the sun became unbearable for many fans throughout the ballpark during the first game of the doubleheader. Fans would leave their seats in search of liquids and air conditioned areas to cool off from the heat of the high noon sun. This mass exodus of fans from their sun scorched seats gave me the opportunity to view a baseball game at Target Field from a wide range of angles.

Here is a breakdown of the sections I sat in and some of my thoughts on the views around Target Field.

First view: Section 119 on the 3B side
I sat high in this section to stay out of the sun but I still wanted a good view of home plate. I watched the first couple innings from this position and it offered some good shots of the downtown skyline. It was great to be able to see the ball coming out of the pitcher's hand. The Twins were not firing at all cylinders at the plate so I decided another view was in order to get the bats moving.

Second view: Section 130 next to the RF foul pole
The metal bleacher seats in this section were very warm from being in the sun. This meant that there were plenty of open seats to find a view I liked down the foul line in right field. The front row was wide open and I slid in next to the foul pole. This seat offered some good shots of the outfield but the area in front of the scoreboard in right field was hard to see. This angle allowed me a great shot of Joe Mauer making a stab to his left at first base. There were hornets swarming around the foul pole so it was time to migrate to another location.

Third view: Section 334 in the furthest seat from home plate
During the memorial service for Harmon Killebrew, Jim Thome was seated in the furthest seat away from home plate at Target Field. This spot is the only place in the ballpark that a ball can reach the distance of Killebrew's 500 foot shot at Metropolitan Stadium. This was quite a high perch over Target Field and it offered a great shot of the downtown skyline. Needless to say, it was very hard to see the action from this spot in the stands. The best play I witness from this spot was Valencia reaching into the stands and catching the ball in the middle of the fans. The elevation from these seats made it tough to handle and it was time to move once again.

Fourth view: Section 128 next to the LF foul pole
I had sat next to the RF foul pole so it was only fitting that I explore the view from the the opposite foul pole. This foul pole seemed a little more squished with the stone wall being directly to my right. I preferred the openness around the RF pole over the feel around the LF pole. From this spot, the third baseman would sometimes get in the way my view of home plate. The heat of the day started to catch up with me and this spot seemed to be much hotter than the others I had been in during the day.

Fifth view: Section 109 on the 1B side
My final view of the day allowed me to witness two home runs being hit in the last inning of play. Matt Capps was not well received when he entered the game and the boo birds came out in full force when he  allowed a home run to the first batter he faced. Fans started to make their way to the exits after Capps allowed the home run and this allowed me to get even closer to the action. Even without the full view of the downtown skyline, I enjoyed my seats on this side of the field. It also helped that Cuddyer ended the shutout with me sitting in this section.

Overall, it was a hot and muggy day in downtown Minneapolis but the views of Target Field were fun to take in. Exploring the different seating levels and views of the game was an experience that I will not soon forget.


sportsdude89 said...

Did you get some pictures from each position??? I would like to see them!

NoDak Twins Fan said...

I have pictures but my computer has been acting up lately. I hope to get an album of them up sometime here if my computer cooperates.