Thursday, July 28, 2011

Morneau suffering from migraines

As if Morneau did not have enough to worry about after a concussion last season, a wrist injury this year, and a recovery from neck surgery, now he is dealing with recurring migraine headaches. Rhett Bollinger of has reported on Twitter the last few days that Morneau has been held back in his path to recovery.

On Monday, Morneau was working out and had to stop because he was suffering from migraine headaches. Morneau went to visit doctors on Tuesday and took the rest of the day off to recuperate. The Twins training staff must have felt that Morneau needed one more day of rest on Wednesday. The team has announced that the headaches are not related to his concussion from last year or from his neck surgery from this year.

Morneau battled through a neck injury for most of the first half of the season while many other members of the Twins were on the disabled list. It was clear that Morneau was not fully healthy and the team decided that neck surgery was the right path to follow. At the time of the surgery, the team doctor's estimated that Morneau would be out until mid-August.

In recent weeks, Morneau has begun to resume baseball activities but to date he has yet to swing a bat. This could be the biggest step for the Twins to know how Morneau's body is reacting to the neck surgery. The violent motion of a swing can be hard on the neck and his reaction could go a long way to deciding if he will return to the Twins this season.

Hopefully, the days off this week will not be a major set-back for Morneau and the Twins. He was already due to be out until mid-August so any major set-back could mean that the team would be forced to shut him down for the rest of the season.

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