Sunday, July 17, 2011

Twins announce Cuddyer won't be dealt

The end of the July signals a hectic time in the baseball season. Teams are fighting for their playoff lives and to make the final push for the playoffs, teams need to make the right moves at the trade deadline.

The Twins find themselves five games out of first place in the Central with one of the teams tied for first coming to Target Field for a four game series. This series with Cleveland could go a long way in deciding the Twins fate at the trade deadline. Will the team be buyers or sellers?

Over the weekend the team announced that one of the players that is not available in a trade is their All-Star representative Michael Cuddyer. Even if the team falls out of contention in the coming days, they plan to keep Cuddyer around for the rest of the season. It also seems the organization will be attempting to resign Cuddyer during the offseason.

The Twins are still a fourth place team with outfielders to spare at the current moment. It is hard to imagine if the right offer came along that the team would not jump at the opportunity to help bolster the team for the future. Cuddyer could be a valuable trade piece that would take $5 million off the payroll for the rest of the season.

Even with that being said, Cuddyer has been the best hitter on the Twins team for the duration of the season. Cuddyer leads the team in most offensive categories and he has provided a variety of clutch hits that have lead the Twins to wins. He is also a leader in the clubhouse and that is a quality that might be hard for the team to replace in a playoff push.

During the last month, Cuddyer has said he would waive his no-trade clause if the team was in position to trade him. It seems as if the team will have to get a deal that knocks their socks off in order to pull the trigger on a Cuddyer trade. Clubs looking for an outfield bat by July 31st are going to have to look in another direction or at the other players on the Twins roster.

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