Saturday, July 9, 2011

Twins use the "sardines" to down Sox

Ozzie Guillen has to be running out of pre-game speeches to give his team before they take the field against Minnesota. During the Twins current nine game win streak against the White Sox, the Twin Cities team seems to be able to overcome any obstacle to beat their division rival. Guillen has voiced his frustration in many interviews this year and his team does not seem to be responding on the field.

The Twins found themselves in a hole on Friday night but the White Sox pitching staff allowed the team to get back in the game. Earlier in the season, Gullien seemed befuddled by the "sardines" the Twins were using to win games against his club.  To the demise of Guillen, the Twins used those same "sardines" to power their comeback. Rene Tosoni and Luke Hughes supplied the biggest hits on this night.

In 2010, the Twins were able post a 13-5 record against the nemesis from the south side of Chicago. The last time the White Sox were able to post a win against the Twins was August 19 of last season. Pavano was saddled with the loss after giving up seven runs as the Twins were crushed by the score of 11-0 in front of the Target Field crowd. To White Sox players and their fans, this must seem like it was light-years ago.

The Twins have hit a stretch of baseball that will determine the outcome of their season in 2011. The games a team plays in the division can go a long way to deciding who will be the division champion. In their recent stretch of division championships, the Twins have been dominant in the Central Division. That type of dominance will have to continue if the Twins want any chance at a third straight Central Division crown.

Baseball can continue to be a perplexing game when it comes to streaks and a team's continual ability to beat-up on an opponent. The White Sox have been close to beating the Twins on different occasions during this streak but the ball did not bounce their way. Saturday night could be the night that the ball bounces in the White Sox favor and they could start their own winning streak against the Twins.

Hopefully the "sardines" will not let that happen...

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