Thursday, August 18, 2011

CONTEST/GIVEAWAY: Baseball's Greatest Games DVD

It is time for another CONTEST/GIVEAWAY at NoDak Twins Fan. This time the item up for for grabs is a DVD called "Baseball's Greatest Games: 1991 World Series Game 7." You can see the title here: 

The folks at A&E Home Entertainment and MLB Productions are releasing a set of 11 DVDs that includes the best games in the history of the baseball. There are some great games that are part of the set and it will be released on September 6th. 

I have been graciously given three copies of the above DVD by A&E Home Entertainment and MLB Productions. This means there will be three different ways to win this DVD of one of the greatest moments in Twins history.  

Here are the three different ways you can qualify yourself to WIN!

COMMENT: To go along with the theme of baseball's greatest games, leave a comment on this post about the greatest game that you have ever attended. Maybe it was your first game? A World Series game? Game 163 at the Dome? Tell the tale of the greatest game you have ever witnessed. 

TWEET: Ask me a question about the Twins on Twitter (Send your tweet to @nodaktwinsfan). These questions can be about the current Twins, the Twins minor league system, or other general baseball topics. I will compile the best questions and put them in a post with my answers in the coming weeks. 

EMAIL: Send me an email at with your top 5 prospects in the Twins organization. There has been some shake-up at the top of most people's lists with the recent elbow injury of Kyle Gibson. I have started to research my offseason list of top prospects in the Twins organization and I would love to hear how other's feel about the future of the franchise.   

Enjoy the contest! It will end next Friday, August 26th. 
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**Prizes courtesy of A&E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions. To claim prizes, the winner will need to provide his/her mailing address to representatives of AEHE/MLBP and prizes can only be shipped to addresses in the Continental US. NoDak Twins Fan is not responsible for delivery of prizes.


jaythomps33 said...

The best Twins game I ever attended was with my daughter who was 5 at the time. She brought her glove, hoping that a foul ball would come our way. We had a couple close calls, including a screaming foul ball off the bat of Cuddy. My daughter started to get a little bored around the 7th inning, but thankfully the folks a row ahead of us brought some brownies to the game and had an extra for her. Only in Twins territory! Twins ended up blowing out the Brew crew that day. Great time at the ball park, even if it was the Metrodome.

yukonbob7 said...

The best game I've ever been at was actually a Twins lose ? My son and his best Twins buddy Dusty stayed and watched tHe Kanas City Royals beat the Detroit Tigers as thousands of Twins fans watched on the Jumbo Tron at the Metro Dome.After the final pitch and a KC win , giving the Twins the Division Championship. The Twins players came out and swarmed the field to a tunderous applause ! It was possibly the greatest moment I've been a part of in sports.

Bill said...

Best game: have to go with my FIRST Twins game, exactly 49 years ago today. Monday 8/20/62.Twins beat the Red Sox 6-4, Dick Stigman got the win, Killebrew hit a 2-run dong in the 6th for the game-winning RBIs. Being a young punk from the boonies of northern Minnesota, 4 hours away from Met Stadium, getting to The Big City was extremely rare. I can still remember the smells, the sounds, and the sunshine. Attendance was just under 13,000, but I'd never seen that many people in one spot in my life. Strangest thing of all, after studying the schedule: that was the SIXTH game of a six-game series played over four days. Must have been making up a couple of rainouts. Twins took the series 4-2.

Ariel said...

The best game I was at was at the Dome in 2009. Now, I don't remember what the date was, or who the opponent was, or even if the Twins won, but it's such a good example that the fans are the real drive behind the Twins.

It was between innings, and it was time for one of those fun player trivia games. This was the one where with each clue we were given more of the player's photo, and the goal was to guess the player in as few clues as possible. We had gotten to the point in the game where we had 3/4 of the player's photo, and it was clearly Delmon Young. The woman who was playing the game desperately guessed Kevin Slowey. She got some laughter and applause, and even the players got a kick out of it. The crowd really got some energy back after realizing that yes, someone can confuse Delmon Young and Kevin Slowey. :)

Nathan A said...

I live in Fargo, and my friend and I decided during Vikings/Packers on Monday Night to go on StubHub and find tickets to Game 163 in 2009. We dropped $75/each to sit 21 rows up in the upper deck in dead center field. We spent about a total of 7 hours at the dome that day watching the greatest game I have ever seen (live or on TV). After the game, we were still sitting up in our seats nearly an hour after it was over in a state of shock; when a lady usher shouted to us from the tunnel and told us we had to leave so they could clean up. There were hardly any others left inside the dome at that point. It took 45 minutes to get off the parking ramp we were in because we had to park on the roof top, and we proceeded to drive 4 hours half asleep back to Fargo that night. I'll never forget that experience, and I'm still struggling to get my voice back!

Laurel Krahn said...

Game 7 of the 1991 World Series was amazing and intense and memorable and the best game I ever attended.

Runners up: the game where Johan struck out 17, the game where Baker took a perfect game into the 9th, Game 163. And the game on September 17, 2005 because I was married on the field before it and the Twins won (with Johan striking out 13, Nathan striking out 3).

Cindy H said...

Several years ago my husband asked me what I wanted to do on birthday, and my immediate response was "I want to see a Twins game!" I checked the schedule and saw that Boof Bonser was the probable pitcher on my birthday (a Saturday) and suggested we wait and go to Sunday's game so we could see Johan Santana pitch instead. Well, we witnessed history that Sunday, August 19th 2007 when Johan pitched a team record 17 strikeouts vs. the Texas Rangers and was by far the BEST belated birthday celebration ever!

sportsdude89 said...

My best Twins game I attended was last year when I made my first visit to Target Field. It was July 3rd vs the Tampa Bay Rays, and was 1-0 Rays most of the game but late in the game, about the 7th or 8th inning the Twins scored 2 runs to take a 2-1 lead, then Jon Rauch came in & shut the door in the 9th! Also after the game was the first ever Fireworks display at Target Field!

Justin said...

My best Twins game was May 21, 2009 in Chicago when they won 20-1. I got a lot of grief in my years living in Chicago as a Twins fan, so sitting through that romp gave me a TON of pleasure. Mauer had a grand slam and two doubles, six total RBIs.

NoDak Twins Fan said...

The winners are Cindy H, Laurel Krahn, and jaythomps33

I need the winner's mailing address so the DVD can get mailed to your home from A&E Home Entertainment. Email it to me:

Thanks to everyone that participated. It was a lot of fun to hear all of the stories.