Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gibson threatened with possibility of Tommy John

Earlier last week, I wrote about the Twins holding Kyle Gibson back from making a start with the Rochester Red Wings. At the time of that post, the injury to Gibson seemed to be some general soreness in the area around his elbow. This seemed like a positive diagnoses since the elbow can be a tough area to deal with for pitchers. The injury was not deep in the elbow so the chances of major surgery on the elbow seemed to be minimal.

The news has gone from bad to worse for Mr. Gibson in the course of the last couple days. The team announced on Wednesday that Gibson would be getting an MRI performed on his elbow to see if Tommy John surgery would need to be performed. The team doctors in the Twin Cities will look over the results on Monday and decide what the future will hold for one of the top prospects in the Twins organization. 

This past spring Gibson stepped onto the field at Hammond Stadium for his first taste of Spring Training with the big league team. Hopes were high for the young pitcher after the season he put together last year in multiple levels of the minor leagues. In 2010, he flew all the way to the AAA level and seemed to be dominant at most stops along the way. Even Ron Gardenhire had high hopes for this young man and he looked forward to the day he could be part of the rotation.

There have been some bumps in the road during Gibson's first full year at Rochester Red Wings. The Twins had hoped that he would continue to dominate the minor league level and be ready to join the major league club some time in 2011. The injury near his elbow and inconsistencies on the mound have put a block in the road for Mr. Gibson. 

The Twins have quite the support group of Tommy John surgery survivors if that is the route that has to be taken by Gibson. Joe Nathan, Francisco Liriano, Brian Duensing, and Carl Pavano have all had this surgery performed and have returned to be successful pitchers at the major league level.

For now, Gibson is playing the waiting game with his elbow. The long wait over the weekend for the results of his MRI could be something that changes the future of the Twins franchise. Gibson continues to be in the long-term plans of the organization and surgery on his elbow could put a damper on the future of the Twins starting rotation.

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talkintwinsbb said...

At Rochester, Eric Hacker, Carlos Gutierrez, Jim Hoey and Jeff Manship have all had Tommy John surgery too... I think Chuck James had shoulder surgery. Kyle Waldrop missed a fully year with shoulder surgery. Liam Hendriks missed a full year with a spinal injury. Plenty of guys down there too that have missed significant time. It's tough! Let's hope it's not TJ!