Monday, August 15, 2011

Plouffe provides a perplexing case for Twins

The Twins have gotten puzzling play from various players in the organization this season. Multiple teams throughout the Twins organization are floundering nowhere near the .500 mark. There are always going to be players that either perform or do not perform up to expectations at each level. The transition between different levels can be a tough move for players. Some players can not make the adjustments that are necessary and that can lead to the end of their careers in baseball.

One of the more perplexing figures for the Twins this season has been Trevor Plouffe. He has made repeated trips between the major leagues and the Rochester Red Wings. His big league campaign in 2011 has been a tough one to watch in many respects. There have been inconsistencies at the plate and blunders in the field. On the other hand, Plouffe has shown the ability to dominate minor league pitching with his bat. After parts of four seasons at AAA, there seems to be no reason for him to make a trip back to Rochester.

Stats Summary: MLB (AAA)
G: 38 (51)
BA: .202 (.313)
OPS: .664 (1.019)
BAbip: .220 (.319)
HR: 5 (15)
DBL: 5 (11)
K: 28 (39)

On Ron Gardenhire's weekly radio program, he discussed some of the options that are left for Plouffe in the rest of 2011. It seems as if the Twins are looking to give Plouffe more consistent playing time at the big league level. Plouffe has a hard time finding his swing with the Twins when he is only playing once or twice a week. When Plouffe had the opportunity earlier in the year, he did not take the everyday starting role and run with it. Now he has spent more time around the club and the consistent playing time could produce better results on the field.

The Twins could have a rough road ahead of them for the rest of the season. There are going to be some big decisions made in the coming months about numerous players in the organization. Plouffe's offensive ability in the minor leagues has been hard to ignore this year. The Twins can only hope that with more playing time Plouffe's swing will make the transition from the minors to the big league level.

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