Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Slowey finds his way out of the doghouse

One of the more questionable things that happened around the July 31st trade deadline for the Twins was the fact that Kevin Slowey stayed with the organization. After the falling out that the Twins and Slowey had earlier in the year, it seemed logical to think that Slowey would be wearing another jersey to end the 2011 season.

The team was in a tough spot with a player that other teams knew the Twins were trying to dump. The organization did not receive an offer that was too good to refuse. The trade deadline came and went and Slowey was still a member of the Twins. 

It is amazing to see how much can change during the course of the season. At the beginning of July, it seemed there were very few people who thought that Slowey would have a future with the Twins. Now in the beginning of August, the Twins were forced to put Scott Baker on the DL with an elbow injury. This meant one of the few options for the Twins to take his place was Kevin Slowey. 

Slowey is scheduled to start on Sunday and this will mark his first appearance in a game for the Twins since the end of May. He has only pitched in six games for the Twins this year and he has yet to start a game in 2011 for the fourth place team in the AL Central. 

The entire situation with Slowey was something that seemed to be handled incorrectly by both the Twins and Mr. Slowey. The Twins had too many starters at the beginning of the season and Slowey became the odd man out. While relegated to the bullpen, Slowey found a variety of injuries that kept him from pitching. Eventually, the Twins wanted Slowey as a bullpen arm and Slowey was not able to adapt to this new role. 

There is a new door open for Slowey and he has an opportunity to show the club that he did not belong in the doghouse. He is still under team control for a couple seasons so the team could fit Slowey back into the long term plans of the organization. Injury concerns over top pitching prospect Kyle Gibson have made Slowey an asset that the team might be lucky to have for the rest of this season and next year.

Now it is time for Slowey to prove his value on a team that is struggling to find consistency from their starting pitchers.  

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Steer said...

He will be their #1 pitcher from here on out. Twins absoultely blew it with their staff this year. The bulldog should have been in the rotation all year.