Monday, August 1, 2011

Twitter adds to interactions at trade deadline

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The non-waiver trade deadline came and went on Sunday afternoon with the Twins not pulling the trigger on any moves. There were plenty of rumors surrounding members of the Twins organization but as the clock struck 3 p.m., the team kept all of their parts.

The possibility of a Denard Span- Drew Storen trade brought out a lot of reactions from both Twins and Nationals fans. It seemed that the fans of both of these organizations wanted to stay away from a trade involving these players. It makes sense because both players are fan favorites in their current markets. Each player is also under contract with their current club for the foreseeable future and that only adds to fans connections to the player.

One interaction that was interesting to watch over the weekend was that of both of the players involved and their connections to the social media world. Denard Span and Drew Storen are both active members of Twitter and each player made their voices heard over the weekend.

Storen was a little more subtle than Span in his approach to acknowledging fans. After the Nationals game on Sunday, Storen had this message to offer to fans of the Nationals:
"Thanks to everyone for the twitter love and ovation today Means a lot. Real pumped to still be here in DC." 
Span was very active on Twitter in the days leading up to the trade deadline by posting his own messages and even retweeting the messages of some fans that were expressing their disgust over a possible trade. Looking through the tweets on Span's feed it was easy to see the struggles he went through in the days before the deadline. Span thanked fans for their support, put his trust in God, and seemed to lose sleep over the entire ordeal.

After his game on Sunday night with the Rochester Red Wings, Span expressed some of his relief that the trade deadline had finally come and gone. He offered this message in a string of tweets:
"Just finished my last day of being a redwing... I had fun but I gotta get outta here! I'm so glad this trade deadline stuff is finally over. Can't wait to see my teammates on Tuesday! And then the Minnesota faithfuls next weekend. I appreciated everyone showing me love throughout this whole trade process. Couldn't of got thru it w/o y'all. I'll never forget this!!"
There were so many trades made before yesterday's deadline that a deal involving Span and Storen seemed like it was only a matter of time. But that is the funny thing about the trade deadline, there can be a lot of speculation and not a lot of action that is taken on that speculation.

Span and Storen seem to be happy staying with the only organization they have known in their careers.

They also seem happy that the stress of the deadline is finally over...

And it's time to play baseball.

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