Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Links-N-Thinks

Hello baseball fans. It is hard to believe that the baseball season has come to this, a final game to decide who will be the champion. Last night's Game 6 was an unbelievable back-and-forth contest and now it all comes down to one final game. I only wish the baseball season could go on forever but the offseason break springs hope for a new beginning for all teams in 2012.

Keep coming back to NoDak Twins Fan in the offseason as there will be lots of good content that continues to filter out through my site. I am currently working on a 2012 MLB Draft article for the upcoming release of the Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook which is produced by Seth Stohs of To go along with the handbook, I will also be compiling my list of the top 20 prospects in the Twins organization. Free agency will start in the coming days and there is a lot to look at for the future of a Twins team that struggled in 2011. I will be posting my offseason blueprint as well as a ton of other stories from all aspects of the Twins organization.

So the moral of the story is.... bookmark my site, follow me on Twitter, and "Like" my blog on Facebook so you can keep up with the latest in Twins news and commentary.

Here are my weekly links of interesting Twins stories from the week:
My posts from the week:
Video of the Week: This week marked the 20th Anniversary of the best World Series in history and the Twins happened to be the team who came out on top. Here is a great video from MLB that discusses the decisive seventh game:

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