Monday, November 14, 2011

Chesney, McGraw to perform at Target Field

The Twins announced the first concert in the history of Target Field on Monday morning. Two of the biggest names in country music, Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw, will perform on the outfield grass of Target Field for a concert on July 8th. The singers announced their "Brothers of the Sun" Tour that will take them to stadiums across the country for 18 different shows.

Chesney and McGraw tend to draw huge crowds when they are on solo tours so with these two joining forces, the demand could be extremely high. The novelty of the first concert at Target Field could also draw in extra country music fans. Most of the stops on the tour are in football stadiums that would have a much higher seating capacity than Target Field. It will be interesting to see if ticket prices will be higher because of the lack of seating and how the stage will be arranged so that fans can have the best view of the show.

The date of the concert, July 8th, corresponds with the All-Star break for the Twins. The team will finish the first half of the year on the day of the concert with a game in Arlington, Texas. So there will be five days from the conclusion of the concert to get the field back in playing shape for the Twins. There have been other cases where stadiums have held concerts and the grass was torn up a little from the event. Earlier this year, Comerica Park in Detroit played host to a concert and there were patches of grass that had to be replaced. It will be interesting to see how well Target Field and their grounds crew can keep the field in playing condition following this big event.

I have been to concerts of both of these performers in the past and they put on very entertaining shows. My guess is that tickets will be very pricey since the two performers will both want to make their share of money. The logistics of the concert will be interesting to follow but it is exciting to hear that this is the first of what might be a concert every year at Target Field.

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