Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Links-N-Thinks

After the long holiday weekend, the news has been slow-moving in regards to the Twins. This was not unexpected as the organization usually takes some time off during the holiday season. The baseball world has continued to swirl as the beginning of the new year is fast approaching. By turning of the calendar to the new year, it means that teams will shortly be packing their bags for the warmer weather of Florida and Arizona.

Spring training will prime teams for the 2012 season but for now here are this weeks helping of interesting links to prime you for the weekend.
My Weekly Rundown:
 Video of the Week: The folks over at MLB Hot Stove Report took a long hard look at Morneau's training regiment to come back from post-concussion syndrome. It makes you wonder how he made it on to the field at all last season.

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Andrew said...

Thanks for the link, and I've enjoyed your posts this week!