Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Links-N-Thinks

It has been a strange weather week across the Midwest with temperatures in the 50s at one point of the week and snow falling by the end of the week. Three days ago I was sitting on my deck enjoying the beautiful day and now I find myself under a blanket on my couch. Gotta love a weird winter in Twins Territory.

The Baseball Hall of Fame announcement kick started the baseball news cycle on Monday. Twins World Series hero Jack Morris missed out on being inducted but he is getting closer to reaching the magic level of 75%. There were plenty of other baseball related topics from throughout the week so let's jump into this week's edition of "Friday Links-N-Thinks."
My Weekly Rundown
Video of the Week: Jack Morris made a push closer to the HOF earlier this week. In this video in the MLB Network Studios, Morris discusses his career and the possibility of making the Hall in the future.

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