Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Links-N-Thinks

Well Twins fans the time is almost upon us. We are a mere hours away from pitchers and catchers reporting to the Twins facilities in Fort Myers, Florida. In all actuality many of the players have already been in Florida as they prepare themselves for another season of Twins baseball. The first workout will be held on Sunday as the team tries to right the ship after a rough 2011.

There will be many headlines to watch with the pitchers and catchers over the course of the next few weeks. I will get into more of those story lines in my posts for next week. But until then, you can enjoy the links I have compiled for you on this fabulous Friday.
My Weekly Rundown:
Video of the Week: Joe Mauer is not going to be the coverboy for MLB: The Show this season so the folks over at 2K Spots saw an opportunity. The brought in a special weapon to help their company try to jump ahead of MLB: The Show. She also was on the cover of the recently released Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Well played 2K Sports, well played...

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Andrew said...

Thanks for the link! Great stuff this week.