Sunday, April 1, 2012

A season of what could be

The Star Tribune has an entire special section devoted to the start of the Twins season in the Sunday edition of the paper. There are some great stories, previews, and analysis from the writers at the Tribune so make sure to check them all out.

An ad from the Twins caught my eye on the back page of this special section. It has a simple message to Twins fans for the upcoming year. The Twins usually do a good job of putting together these messages to the fans and you can find the words of this ad in the space below.
"A season of what could be"

You could see a win.
You could see a loss.
You could catch a foul ball.
You could get circled.
You could roar at a grand slam.
You could gasp at a runner face-planting between second and third.
You could be on the video board smooching.
You could eat your weight in hot dogs.
You could cheer a walk-off homer.
You could "whoa!" at a wall-climbing catch.
You could witness history.
Yes, who knows what could be?
But in the end, it's so worth finding out.
Welcome back.

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