Thursday, May 17, 2012

Soon one year has passed...

One year ago today, the Twins lost one of the most important people in the history of the franchise. It is hard to believe that one year has already come and gone. I put together the following poem to honor Harmon Killebrew and his lasting legacy. 

It's been one year since you have come and gone,
But your impact is still felt like the morning dawn.

Even though your mighty swing was something to behold,
Your gentle nature was something that never got old.

The first hero of a generation to call Minnesota home,
You were a star outside before the team moved to the Dome.

Your number three will only be worn by one Twin,
And hearing your home run calls brings chills to my skin.

You were a gentle giant; a man among boys,
Chants of your name were much more than noise.

I hope that big game in the sky is still going fine,
Because your mark on the Twins continues to shine.

It's hard to think you will never be return,
And players on this team have plenty to learn.

When I sit outside at a ballgame under the open sky,
Your presence still brings a tear to my eye.

Thanks for your time and the mark that you made,
Your memory with fans will never fade.

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