Friday, June 1, 2012

2012 MLB Draft Profile: Byron Buxton

Name: Byron Buxton
Position: OF
School: Appling County (High School)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180

Stat Summary: .513 BA, 17 2B, 35 RBI, 38 SB
Accolades: Top Player in the ESPN 100, Baseball America's No. 1 Player for the 2012 Draft

The Rundown: For many scouts and front offices, Buxton is the top player available in a draft class that is considered weak. He is a five-tool player with his speed and arm strength being plus tools as a high school player. In his state high school championship game on May 31, he struck out 18 batters to lead his team to the title. His quick hands help him to generate bat speed that could develop into above-average power in the future.

Twins Impact: The Twins want desperately to add pitching with some of their early picks in the draft. With the number two selection, the team will be forced to take the best available player. There is a good chance the Astros will pass on Buxton and this could leave the Twins with no choice but to scoop up the young prep star.

The Word on the Street: "His speed is what makes him lethal," baseball coach Jeremy Smith said. "He puts pressure on everybody. One time, the shortstop couldn't even field it because he looked up to see where Byron was."

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