Monday, June 25, 2012

Searching for a Revere home run

It's not like searching for El Dorado or the Fountain of Youth because people have seen it before. Unlike the sightings of Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster, there is more than tangible evidence that this is not just a fluke of nature. It happened as recent as last season for Triple-A Rochester but there still might need to be an expedition to find a never before seen sight at the big league level, a Ben Revere home run.

To find a Revere home run, it is important to know when these sightings have occurred in the past. He joined the Twins as a first round pick out of high school in 2007 and played 50 games for the GCL Twins without putting a ball over the fence. His first home run came in the next season for the Beloit Snappers and it would be his only home run for the year. It was the first sighting of a Revere home run but there would be more to come.

The 2009 season would see Revere's highest number of home runs for one season in his professional career. He managed two round trippers in 121 games for the Fort Myers Miracle. This power surge along with a solid overall season helped him to be named the 2009 Twins Minor League Player of the Year. There were glimmers of hope that a Revere home run might be easier to spot in the future.

In 2010, Revere would spend most of the season with the New Britain Rock Cats before being called up in September for his major league debut. With the Rock Cats, he managed one home run in 94 games but his 13 games at the big league level never produced a dinger. The young outfielder had made it to the big leagues by age 22 but when would his first big fly be seen? No one knew.

For the 2011 season, it was time to get serious in the hunt for a Revere home run. He got close on multiple occasions to notching an inside-the-park home run for the Twins. Other obstacles got in the way of this becoming his first major league home run. Revere hit one home run during the 2011 calender year but it came while he was wearing a Rochester Red Wings jersey. Plenty of opportunities but still homerless at the big league level.

After being sent back and forth between Rochester and Minnesota to start the 2012 season, it looks like Revere is here to stay. When another player hit a home run this weekend, Revere became the only current regular MLB player with over 100 games played to not have hit a home run. Following Sunday's game, he has played 168 contests at the big league level with 633 plate appearances as the search is still on for that elusive home run.

There was a similar home run drought that Twins fans got to follow in 2007 with Jason Tyner. He came to the Twins organization with 245 games and 778 at-bats already accumulated at the major league level without a home run. The streak would be stretch to 1,220 at-bats without a long ball until the third inning of a game at Jacobs Field in Cleveland. Jake Westbrook was the pitcher that gave up the home run to Tyner so it is unfortunate for Revere that the Twins don't play the Cardinals at some point this year.

During every season in his professional career in which Revere has played over 50 games, he has managed to get a minimum of one home run. When the search is over and he hits his first home run, a streak will end and there will be a big smile across the face of Mr. Revere. Let's just hope that the search doesn't take another 600 or so at-bats because Tyner would tell Revere that there's a lot less pressure after the first tater. But then again, Tyner wouldn't get another one at the major league level.

So the search will continue, until a Revere home run can be found...

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