Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Links-N-Thinks

It was a rough week across Twins Territory as the Twins have won a single game in the last seven days. The Rays came into Target Field and swept the Twins while the Tigers were able to take two out of three games in their series. At this point, the Twins sit at the bottom of the AL Central and they have the worst record in the American League. When the season is lost like it is now for the Twins, losing games might be more beneficial as the team can secure a better draft pick for next June.

There are three teams in the National League with a worse record than the Twins. That means that the Twins would have the fourth pick in the draft if the season ended today. The Padres and the Royals are close to having the same record as the Twins so each loss can be considered a good thing at this point. A better draft pick can go a long way to improving the franchise over some meaningless wins in the middle of August.

The draft is still a long way off and the weekend is almost upon us so sit back and buckle-up for another edition of "Friday Links-N-Thinks."

My Weekly Rundown:

Video of the Week: This play between Torii Hunter and umpire Greg Gibson could have turned out a lot worse. Some of the photo's are a little graphic when the cleat is right in his face and there was clearly going to be some kind of cuts on his face. It was a strange play to see develop but the umpire was down trying to make the right call.

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