Thursday, October 4, 2012

2012 MLB Playoff Predictions (sure to go wrong...)

There are plenty of playoff predictions posts out there so here is quick look at my picks in this crazy new playoff format for 2012. At the beginning of the year, I tried to pick out the winners in each league but I didn't count on the Nationals, the A's, and the Orioles making big runs this year. For the American League, I had the Yankees, Rangers, and Tigers in the postseason but I also had the Rays and the Angels making it into the other two spots. In the National League, I picked the Giants and the Reds to win their divisions but I struck out on my other preseason predictions.  Now that the postseason is upon us, It's still fun to try and look into the crystal ball and pick out the winners for October baseball.

To make it fun, I added in my wife's picks. Her picks are mainly based on mascot names or a vague knowledge of players I have talked about in the past. I also flipped a coin to see who would come out on top. At the end of the postseason, I will see who fared better.

My NL Wild Card Game: Atlanta over St. Louis
Reasoning: Kris Medlen has been the best pitcher on the planet in the second half of the year. Plus I never trust Kyle Lohse, no matter how good of season he is having.
Wife's Pick: Cardinals
Coin Flip: Braves

My AL Wild Card Game: Texas over Baltimore
Reasoning: Texas has to be mad after leading the division for the entire year before Oakland snatched it away from them on the last day. I still love Lew Ford so I wouldn't be heartbroken if the Orioles advanced to the Divisional Series.
Wife's Pick: Orioles
Coin Flip: Rangers

My NLDS: San Francisco over Cincinnati 
Reasoning: I trust the starters for the Giants more than the starters for the Reds. It also helps that the pitching staff for the Giants has been here before so look for them to shutdown Cincinnati. 
Wife's Pick: Giants over Reds
Coin Flip: Reds over Giants

My NLDS: Washington over Atlanta
Reasoning: Medlen will get used up in the Wild Card Round and this means the Nationals will only see him once in the Divisional Series. Harper shows up big to lead the Nats into the National League Championship Series.
Wife's Pick: Nationals over Cardinals
Coin Flip: Braves over Nationals

My ALDS: Detroit over Oakland
Reasoning: Oakland has been riding the hot-hand in recent weeks but I think the starters for Detroit put it together and shutdown the A's. The big bats in the middle of the Tigers line-up will be enough to push Detroit to the ALCS.
Wife's Pick: A's over Tigers
Coin Flip: Tigers over A's

My ALDS: Texas over New York
Reasoning: The Rangers seem to have the number of the Yankees in the playoffs and the Rangers would get to have the first two games at home. It also feels better when the Yankees lose out in their first series since the Twins can't get knocked out by them.
Wife's Pick: Orioles over Yankees
Coin Flip: Rangers over Yankees

My NLCS: San Francisco over Washington
Reasoning: I picked the Giants to go far at the beginning of the year and I am going to stick with them until the end. Apparently the positive vibes for the Nationals were only good enough to get them through the Division Series.
Wife's Pick: Nationals over Giants
Coin Flip: Braves over Reds

My ALCS: Texas over Detroit
Reasoning: I can't have the Tigers make it to the World Series so I will go with the Rangers to win the American League pennant for the third year in a row. The offense for Detroit will stumble against the tough pitching staff in Texas. 
Wife's Pick: Orioles over A's
Coin Flip: Rangers over Tigers

My World Series: San Francisco over Texas
Reasoning: In a rematch of the 2010 Fall Classic, it will be a great World Series and San Francisco rides their home field advantage to the title. The Rangers are turning into the Buffalo Bills of the baseball world with their third consecutive loss in the Fall Classic.
Wife's Pick: Nationals over Orioles
Coin Flip: Rangers over Braves

So there are my MLB postseason picks sure to go wrong. Who are you picking at the dawn of a new October? Leave a comment and let me know.

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Ruben (Red Sox Nation - Alberta) said...

I've got the Reds over Oakland... but for all the wrong reasons: my predictions