Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All-Time Twins Halloween Team

Halloween evening is here and baseball has come to an end.
Still there's plenty to do with baseball thoughts in your head.
The Twins are off until the weather turns better.
So get out the candy and put on a sweater.
Little ghouls and goblins will come to your door.
But to them the hot stove talk is just a bore.
The new season will come in it's due time.
But for now you will have to settle for my little rhyme.
Let's look back at the creepiest Twins names from history.
Some of their hidden secrets are shrouded in mystery.
It's All Hallows Eve so let's have us some fun.
Then you can get back to dreaming about a Mauer home run.

Here is the list of the "All-Time Twins Halloween Team." I hope you enjoy!

C: Tom "Prince:" His daughter must have dressed up like a princess
1B: Ron "Coom Dog" Coomer: Haunting the night and FSN North broadcasts for many years
2B: Frank-"enstein" Quilici: Stored the heart of a monster in the body of a middle infielder
3B: Larry "Wolfe:" Left others howling at his .235 batting average with the Twins
SS: Denny Hoc-King "Kong:" Maybe not a monster on the field but still a monster in our hearts
OF: Carlos Gomez "Adams:" There was certainly something odd about Mr. Gomez.
OF: Al "Lost in the" Woods: Spent most of his career lost with the expansion team in Toronto.
OF: Michael "Myers" Cuddyer: He could be scary with a bat in his hands and a lefty on the mound.

SP: Jim "Kitty" Katt: How many of his nine lives did he use in his career?
SP: Jack "The Ripper" Morris: Ask the Braves about this one.
SP: Nick Blackburn "Creature from the 'Black' Lagoon": He got himself into plenty of swampy situations over the last couple years.
SP: Jim "Mudcat" Grant: Teaming up with Jim Katt to be the feline duo.
SP: "Jason" Marquis: His time on the mound was scary with the Twins.

RP: Eric "Hacker:" If that doesn't sound like a serial killer name, I don't know what does.
RP: Jack "Savage:" Sounds like a guy that would work with Eric Hacker
RP: Vince "Headless" Horsman: Riding into town to take down opposing batters
RP: Anthony "Sasquatch" Swarzak: He likes to search for the long-lost beasts
RP: Jose "The Blob" Mijares: If you have seen him in real life, you understand this nickname.
RP: Freddie "Krueger" Toliver: Haunted the Twins pitching staff with an ERA over 7.00 in his last year with the club.

Manager: Ray Miller "Dr. Ray Stantz:" Manager of the Ghostbusters

Happy Halloween everybody!

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