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Twins MLB Draft Profile: Clint Frazier, OF

The 2013 MLB Draft is quickly approaching. For the second year in a row, the Minnesota Twins have a top four pick. With this high of a selection, there can be a lot of pressure on the organization to find an impact player for the future.

Over at Twins Daily, the different writers have been putting together profiles all week of the top names in the draft. There are three big names at the top of the draft board and then quite a few question marks. This could make it tough for the Twins to sort out who would be the best for them with the fourth pick.
Who IS This Guy?
Clint Frazier is a high school center fielder from Loganville, Georgia. He is widely considered to have the best bat speed in the entire draft class. This enables him to have very good raw power. His 5-foot-11 frame already has a muscular build as he weighs in at 190 pounds. This makes it tough to project him adding more weight to his frame but he already looks like an MLB player. He plays with a ton of energy.

On the defensive side of the ball, there are some questions about whether he will be able to stick in center field. He is starting to track the ball well and he continues to improve his ability to finish plays in center. His arm strength is very good, even with some tendonitis concerns, but he needs to work on his accuracy. 

Most few him as a top ten pick in the draft because of his hit and power tools. He could be a top five pick but this doesn't seem likely at this point in the draft process.

Who Could He Be?
There is the potential for Frazier to develop into a five tool player at a premium up the middle defensive position. He has the chance to make multiple All-Star teams or be a solid regular player. 

One of the biggest holes in his game has been his pitch recognition. He goes up to the plate looking fastball and he can destroy hanging breaking balls. Pitchers have been able to get him out with below average breaking pitches. If this can improve, he could be a monster on the offensive side of the ball.

Tendonitis issues have lowered Frazier's arm strength from plus to above average. If he could get back to his previous level, his defensive value would pair nicely with his solid offensive projections. 

There is some risk with Frazier but he could reward a team that takes a chance on him by becoming a perennial All-Star.

How Soon Could He Be Playing In Target Field?
Frazier will be 18 years, 9 months old at the time of the draft. This would put him on a similar path to the major leagues as last year's first round pick Byron Buxton. He would spend the end of this coming summer in rookie ball. 

Like Buxton this year, he could be at Low-A to start 2014 with the opportunity to get to High-A by the end of the season. He would spend most of 2015 at High-A and 2016 at Double-A. This could leave him close to making his big league debut.

The Twins let Aaron Hicks skip from Double-A to the MLB level and Frazier has the potential to make that type of move. Frazier could have a chance to be a September call-up at the end of 2016. If he takes care of some of his flaws in the minors, he could be on path to be an everyday starter by 2017.

If the Twins Draft This Guy, They Messed Up Because...
Frazier might end up busting out in the minor leagues and never making it to the big league level. He doesn't have any room to grow into his body so the potential to add power and strength isn't there.

There will likely be better players available at number four. He also has red hair and apparently a good big league player can't have red hair according to old school scout analysis.

The Twins could work out a deal with Frazier before the draft to sign him for less than slot value then the team could use the extra money for a pick later in the draft.

If the Twins Draft This Guy, They Nailed It Because...
Without risk, there is never any reward. Frazier's bat speed and five-tool potential could help him to move quickly through the Twins system.

Buxton might be the team's center fielder of the future but Frazier could slide into a corner spot and be an above average regular. The addition of Frazier could give the Twins a strong outfield in 2017 with Buxton in CF, Frazier in RF, and Arcia or Hicks in LF.

Frazier is an unbelievably hard worker and he shows this on the field. He is a natural leader and he will push himself. There might be work ethics questions surrounding other prep players but there is no doubt about Frazier's make-up.

Plus it would be cool to have a guy with bright red hair in the middle of the line-up on an everyday basis.

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