Saturday, March 29, 2014

One "Last Forever"

If you come to this blog for baseball content, the following post might not be for you.

I rarely ever stray away from the overall theme of this blog but I wanted an avenue for writing and this is a place where I could draw an audience. My apologies if you wanted a post about baseball to get you through your day but you will have to come back tomorrow for more Twins content.
For the last nine years, I have followed the turbulent love quest of Ted Mosby, architect. If you aren't familiar with the name, Mr. Mosby is a fictional character in the CBS comedy "How I Met Your Mother." Season 1 of this series was released in 2005 when I was in the midst of my last couple years of college. The story starts as a father is explaining to his children in the year 2030 about all of the adventures leading to him meeting the love of his life.

The overall theme of this series focuses on a group of five friends who are living out their late 20's and early 30's in New York City. Ted is forced to go through a lot of bad apples on the way to meeting the title character. He gets left at the alter, he steals a bride away from someone else, and he finds plenty of women who are closer to crazy than to hot on the "Hot-Crazy Scale." It is all part of him becoming the man he needs to be in order be the best father and future husband to the mother.

For my final years of college and my early adult life, there were aspects of my life that greatly connected to the plot line of this comedy series. Much like the show protagonists I spent my college years and shortly after looking for the right person with whom to spend the rest of my life. I remember being in the same spot as Ted in the pilot episode when he gives the following speech:

Ted: You know what? I'm done being single, I'm not good at it. Look, obviously you can't tell a woman you just met that you love her, but it sucks that you can't. I'll tell you something though, if a woman, not you, just some hypothetical woman, were to bear with me through all this, I think I'd make a damn good husband, because that's the stuff I'd be good at. Stuff like making her laugh and being a good father and walking her five hypothetical dogs. Being a good kisser. 
Robin: Everyone thinks they're a good kisser. 
Ted: Oh, I've got references.

I even had this monologue listed on my Facebook page under my favorite quotes.

There were wild adventures with friends, other couples getting married, and heart breaking relationships along the way. It is all part of my own journey that I felt ran parallel to this long running show. If I was going to tell my future children the story of "How I Met Your Mother," I was lucky enough to meet their mother at a much earlier age than Ted. However, I will have memories of my college years that will always be "Legend...

Wait for it.....


While I was able to complete my own love story in less time than Ted, this series will always be part of my life. Like the generation who grew up with "Friends" or "Seinfeld," the phrases and plot lines will be interwoven into the fabric of my life. From high fives to slap bets and everything in between, "How I Met Your Mother" and its characters will continue to be part of my world.

On Monday evening, the final episode, "Last Forever," will air on CBS and we will finally see the moment where Ted meets the mother. We have seen a lot of other moments between Ted and the mother this season including their engagement, their first date and first kiss, and a future scene that might foretell of the final twist.

I can see multiple meanings in the title of the final episode. Will Ted and the mother last forever? Will the other couples on the show last forever? Or will this simply be the last time we see the whole gang together forever? The possibilities seem to be endless and hardcore fans of the show have been debating the shows ending for years.

There have been frustrations along the way with this show as it has seemingly taken a very long time for Ted to meet the mother. Disappointment will likely follow me through Monday night's episode. I will be disappointed if we find out some shocking secret about Ted or the mother. I will also be disappointed if Ted's love story brings him back together with Robin, his love interest through most of the series.

Overall, I will be most disappointed that the series is over and the characters will have completed their journey.

Monday will be a moment I have patiently waited for since the first episode on September 19, 2005. There have been ups-and-downs on the show and in my own life's adventure. I look forward to the conclusion but the only problem is I am going to want it to "last forever."

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