Friday, July 25, 2014

Episode 93: The Return of Jason Parks

This week on the podcast Paul learns about ground rule triples, and strangely enough, if does not include TC Bear going on a rampage with his T-shirt gun (but we'd pay good money to see that happen). The Twins offense has struggled to score runs recently (what's new?) and Joe Mauer is still working his way back from injury. The scholarship program is over in Minnesota (again) as Matt Guerrier was DFA'd to make room for roster worthy Ryan Pressly.

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Ron Gardenhire passed another managerial milestone, 1000 losses, pretty neat, you guys. How does he still have a job? 

All of this good news and an interview with Jason "Professor" Parks from Baseball Prospectus to talk Twins minor leaguers and a suitable explanation of what exactly "rig" is/means.

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