Friday, September 5, 2014

Episode 98: September Call-Ups and Chief Schmuck

The calendar has turned over, September is here, kids are going back to school and some of the Twins minor leaguers have arrived in Minnesota. Paul, Jay and Cody discuss the eight September call ups, the departure of Sam Deduno and the Trevor May's first career MLB victory.

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E Rolf has abandonded the podcast crew this week, instead opting to drink beer at Target Field. We can't blame him. In fact, we invite you to join him and Jay at Target Field on September 15th when the Twins take on the Tigers to participate in the Target Field Helmet Challenge. Tickets are currently available on the interwebz for $3!
Cody created a fun before and after game, a la Wheel of Fortune, which is then followed by all the usual fun stuff, beers, and Japanese High School baseball games that go on for 50 innings.

Enjoy the show.

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