Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bye-Bye Pinstripes: Twins Changing Home Uniforms

In one of the most surprising pieces of Twins from the off-season, word has slowly trickled out that the Twins will be sporting a new look when it comes to their home uniforms. The first major change to their home uniforms since the 1987 season, the first World Championship year.

According to multiple sources, the team is shedding their pinstripes from their home whites for 2015. The letting will stay the same on the front of the uniforms but the club will add gold as a drop shadow behind the letting. The team's alternate cream heritage jersey will remain unchanged and it does contain pinstripes.

Another uniform change will be the addition of gold trim on the team's cap. There is no word yet if this will be the full time cap or if it will just be an alternative. However, it seems logical that the club would wear the gold trim cap with the gold trim jerseys.
1970's Twins Home Uniforms
In the past, Minnesota has dropped the pinstripes from their jerseys for over a decade. From 1972 through 1986, the Twins sported a non-pinstripe look. After moving from Washington, the Twins wore pinstripes until the switch in the early 1970's. The pinstripes popped back up for the team's 1987 World Series run and they have been with the club every since. In recent years, the Twins had removed the pinstripes from their gray road uniform.

The Twins will announce the official change in a jersey unveiling ceremony next week.

UPDATE: Here's a look at the new uniforms and the new hat. Leave a COMMENT about what you think of the new look.

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