Wednesday, December 31, 2014

NoDak Twins Fan's Most Popular Posts of 2014

Here at North Dakota Twins Fan, I spend the year writing about Twins history, the club's current happenings, but a lot of my focus is on the minor leagues. This can lead to an interesting collection of stories that are compiled in my most popular posts of the year.

The 2014 calendar year was tough for many of the Twins top prospects so it's no wonder that most of my most popular posts were in relation to minor league headlines.

Enjoy a look back at the stories!
1. Twins Minor League Report (5/6): Buxton Homers (May)
In the early part of the season, fans were looking for any good news about top prospect Byron Buxton. A spring training wrist injury held him out of action and he struggled at the plate in his return to the diamond. On this day, he cranked his first home run of the season. Another interesting note was this post came the day after Danny Santana made his big league debut. At the time, it was hard to imagine how good of season Santana would have and how much Buxton would be injured.

2. Twins Top 10 Prospects: Post-Draft Edition (June)
After the Twins made their third straight top five pick, it was time to adjust my top 10 prospects for the organization. Nick Gordon broke into the top five and some other prospects fluctuated through the list. It can be tough to evaluate prospects when they are new to the organization. There were even more changes to this list on Monday when I released my off-season top 10 list. This newest list is released in conjunction with the Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook.

3. Sorting through the 2014 Hall of Fame Ballot (January)
It seems fitting that my very first post of 2014 would end up as one of the year's most popular posts. Last year's ballot was a little easier to sort through while the 2015 ballot is going to be a mess. There are well more than 10 deserving candidates but that's a story for another day. I correctly picked two of the three inductees while still having the other person on my ballot as a future induction. Jack Morris didn't make the cut on my ballot in his final year of eligibility.

4. Twins Breakout Prospect Candidates for '15 (December)
While the last post was one of my first from the year, this post was one of my more recent. As we put the finishing touches on the 2015 Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook, I tried to select some minor leaguers who might be posed for a breakout season next year. Jose Berrios was very impressive this past year and someone out of this trio of players could follow in his footsteps. There's one pitcher and a couple of position players to watch for in 2015.

5. Twins Minor League Report (6/24): Big News for Berrios, Vargas (June)
Minnesota would play host to the All-Star Game in July and this post started with the announcement of the players that would represent the Twins in the Futures Game. Vargas would make his mark in the game and he would be back in Minnesota by season's end. Berrios made it to Triple-A  at the end of the year so he could make it back to Target Field this season.

Thanks for another successful year for NoDak Twins Fan. I look forward to an even more successful 2015.

A Happy New Year to You and Yours!

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