Friday, January 16, 2015

Episode 116: We're World Famous, and Other Lies

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This week on the show our friend from North Dakota, Cody, is taking the week off to focus on the youth of the greater Fargo area. What a noble man he is. The rest of us forge ahead without him to discuss the news that needs discussing. 

E. Rolf openly laments everything and anything that the Twins can, have, or will do to make 2015 a success, all the while remaining overly optimistic that this week's Down on the Pond player, Tyler Grimes, will one day see time with the big league ball club. Hope springs eternal! Jay declares our podcast to be world famous. Which may or may not be true, but Paul lives in Seattle, which is practically Canada, so that's probably good enough for us. 

This week we wonder aloud who will be the Twins 5th starter, whether the Twins offense can be as good as it was last season, and whether the bullpen for this ball club is a strength or a weakness.

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